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Hodges of Shipton Moyne

House of Mrs Hodges, Shipton Moyne (Kip, c. 1708)

John Hodges of Malmesbury acquired the manor of Shipton Moyne by purchase from William, lord Stourton in 1544. It passed by direct descent from father to son for 4 generations.

Thomas (d. 1675)

He married

  1. Dulcibella (d. 1628), daughter of John Syms of Pensford, Som.

A monument to his widow Mary was erected at Great Sherston by her son William.

Thomas (1659-1696) Grandson

He married Edith Estcourt of Shipton Moyne (c1647-1717). They had 3 children, who each in turn inherited the estate.

Thomas (1688-1708) Son

He died intestate.

Estcourt (1692-1721) Brother

He matriculated at Oriel College, Oxford in 1709. He died intestate.

Elizabeth (1687-1724) Sister

Despite being courted by several men, Elizabeth remained single. On her death the estate descended to her uncle William. Her will reveals the reach of her kinship circle. She left her estate in trust to her cousins Thomas and Edmund Estcourt to ensure that her legacies were honoured before the estate passed to her uncle. Before her brother Estcourt's death the household had been joined by Thomas Simmonds, apprentice to the Bristol surgeon Mr Pye, to avoid the need for frequent visits from the surgeon. Following Elizabeth's death there was a court case between Simmonds and Elizabeth's executors over the validity of a codicil detailing alleged debts owing to Simmonds. Walter Hodges also brought a Chancery case against the trustees over their management of the estate. [GA D1571/L23 & L24]

William (1666-1740) Uncle

He was educated at Brasenose, Oxford, gaining his MA in 1688. He was a canon of Wells cathedral 1695-1703 and rector of Shipton Moyne 1697-1740. He married Bridget, the daughter of John Palmer esq.

Devised the Hodges estate for his life by his niece Elizabeth, William surrendered it to his son Walter.

Walter (1695-1757) Son

He married Elizabeth, the daughter of Robert Ratcliffe, rector of Stonehouse. He was provost of Oriel College from 1728 until his death and vice chancellor of Oxford between 1741 and 1744. On his death the estate passed to his sister Elizabeth Nowell. Through Elizabeth it passed to Walter's great-nephew Walter Parry of Salisbury, who took the name of Hodges on inheriting the estate. In 1794 the bulk of the estate was sold to Thomas Estcourt.