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Brydges of Sudeley
Lord Chandos

Sudeley Castle (c. 1730)

John Brydges (1492-1557)

Born at Coberley, he was the eldest son of Sir Giles Brydges (d. 1511) and Isabel, daughter of Thomas Baynham of Clearwell. His wardship was acquired by Sir Edward Darrell of Littlecote, Wilts., whom he accompanied o Henry VIII's French wars. He was MP for Gloucestershire in 1529 and served as a JP and sheriff in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Between 1538 and 1542 he was constable of Sudeley castle. His career in the French wars culminated in is becoming deputy governor and lieutenant of Boulogne. As lieutenant of the Tower of London under Mary I he played a decisive role in the defeat of the Wyatt rebellion, by threatening to fire on the rebels. He was created Baron Chandos of Sudeley and granted Sudeley castle in 1554.

He married Elizabeth (d. 1559), daughter of Edmund, baron Grey of Wilton.

Edmund (d. 1573) Son

He fought with is father in France and in Somerset's army against the Scots at Pinkie in 1547. He was MP for Wootton Basset in 1545 and Gloucestershire in 1553. A JP in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, he was lord lieutenant of Gloucestershire from 1559. He married Dorothy (1530-1605), daughtr of Edmund, baron Bray.

His widow subsequently married William Knollys (d. 1632), a younger son of Sir Francis Knollys, a cousin of Elizabeth I and treasurer of her household.

Giles (1548-94) Son

He was MP for Cricklade in 1571 and Gloucestershire in 1572 and appointed lord lieutenant of Gloucestershire in 1586. He was visited by the queen at Sudeley on her summer progresses in 1576 and 1592. He married Frances (d. 1623), daughter of Edward Clinton, earl of Lincoln.

Following his death there were legal disputes between his daughters and his brother's family over the Brydges estate.

William (d. 1602) Brother

He was MP for Cricklade in 1572 and for Gloucestershire in 1584 and 1586. He married Mary(d. 1624), daughter of Sir Owen Hopton of Cockfield Hall, Suffolk, lieutenant of the Tower.

Grey (c1579-1621) Son

He was educated at Exeter College, Oxford and sat as MP for Cricklade in 1597. In 1601 he was arrested and briefly imprisoned for complicity in the Essex Revolt. He was appointed lord lieutenant of Gloucestershire jointly with Lord Berkeley in 1603 and held the office alone after Berkeley's death in 1613. In 1608 he married Anne (1580-1647), daughter of Ferdinand Stanley, earl of Derby.

He was reputedly known as King of Cotswold because of his lavish hospitality at Sudeley and the size of his entourage, when he went to court. From 1610 he spent increasing amount of time abroad.

His widow made a disastrous second marriage with Mervin Touchet (1593-1631), earl of Castlehaven, who was executed for sodomy and the rape and sexual abuse of Anne and her daughter.

George (1620-55) Son

He fought on the royalist side in the civil war, distinguishing himself at the first Battle of Newbury in 1643. Sudeley castle was slighted in the civil war. In 1653 he killed Henry Compton in a duel at Putney and was convicted of manslaughter in 1654. He died of smallpox the following year.

He married:

  1. Susan (d. 1652), daughter of Henry Montagu, earl of Manchester
    • Margaret
    • Elizabeth
  2. Jane (d. 1676), daughter of John Savage, earl Rivers
    • Katherine
    • Lucy (d. 1689) married Adam, second son of Sir Arthur Loftus of Rathfarnham, Ireland.

Only Margaret, Elizabeth and Katherine were mentioned in their father's will written January 1654/5, suggesting Lucy was born later.

William (1621-76) Brother

A pious parliamentarian, he inherited little more from his brother than the title. He married Susan daughter of Garrett Kerr of London. On his death without a direct male heir, the title passed to a distant James, who was descended from Charles, the younger son of the first baron.