Xmera / Gloucestershire Gentry / Master of Cirencester

Master of Cirencester

Cirencester Abbey, Kip c. 1708

Richard (d. 1588)

Born in Kent, he was a member of the College of Physicians and personal physician to Elizabeth I. He acquired the site of Cirencester abbey in 1568.
He married Elizabeth, the daughter of John Fulnetby of Fulnetby, Lincs.

George (c. 1556 - 1604) Son

He married Bridget (d. 1647), the daughter of John Cornwall of Marlborough, Wilts.

George was MP for Cirencester in 1586 and 1589. He bequeathed £1,000 to each of his younger children.

His widow married Sir William Jordan of Whitley, Wilts. by whom she had a son William and a daughter Jane, mentioned in the will of her son Sir William Master (TNA PROB 11/310/262). According to John Aubrey, 'The Lady Jordan being at Cirencester, when it was besieged (Anno aetatis 75) was so terrified with the Shooting, that her understanding was so spoyled, that She became a tiny-child, that they made Babies for her to play withall.'

Epitaph to Sir William Master, Cirencester

Sir William (1600-1662) Son

He married Alice (d. 1660), the daughter of Sir Edward Estcourt of Salisbury, Wilts.

Richard, John, Elizabeth and Winifred were born between 1632, when their uncle Richard died and the death of their grandmother Lady Jordan in 1647 (TNA PROB 11/200/565).

Sir William was knighted in 1623 and served as MP for Cirencester in 1624. In 1627 he was high sheriff of Gloucestershire, when he refused to assist with the collection of the forced loan.
When Lord Chandos tried unsuccessfully to execute the commission of array at Cirencester in August 1642, Sir William helped him to escape an angry mob. Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice quartered at his house, where batteries were sited in the garden prior to the sack of Cirencester in February 1643. At best a reluctant Royalist, Sir William compounded for his estate in 1650.

Thomas (1624-1680) Son

He married Elizabeth (d. 1704), daughter of Sir Thomas Dyke of Horeham, Waldron, Sussex. They had two sons, one of whom died before his father.
He was MP for Cirencester in 1660.

Thomas (1663-1710) Son

He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Driver of Aston with whom he had one son Thomas (see below). He was MP for Cirencester 1685-7 and 1689-90.
He was mentioned in the will of his cousin Walter Estcourt of Shipton Moyne (d. 1726), who he predeceased.

Thomas (1690-1770) Son

He married Joanna, daughter of Jasper Chapman of Stratton with whom he had one son Thomas, who predeased him. He was MP for Cirencester 1712-47. He was succeeded by his grandson Thomas.