Xmera / Gloucestershire Gentry / Pyrke of Abenhall

Pyrke of Abenhall

Thomas (d. 1575)

He married Joan, the daughter of Edmond Nurse.

Anne Pyrke (d. 1614) and her sister Susan, wife of John Pullen may be his daughters.

Richard (d. 1609) Son

He married Joan (d. 1615), the daughter of John Ayleway.

Thomas (d. 1630) Son

He inherited property in Abenhall from his uncle John Pyrke and bought further property in Mitcheldean from Charles Bridgeman. He married Joan, the daughter of John Wade.

Thomas (1630 - 1702) Son

He married

  1. Deborah (d. 1662)
    • Nathaniel - see below
  2. Mary (d. 1668), daughter of William Hopton of Berkeley
    • Mary (d. 1741) married John Young (d. 1694) of The Lay in Westbury, gent.
  3. Elizabeth (d. 1679)
  4. Anne, sister of William Lane of Apperley - married in 1688 at Deerhurst
  5. Frances, his widow

His other children were

He purchased Littledean Hall in 1664.

Nathaniel (d. 1715) Son

He married Mary (d. 1738), daughter of Sir Duncombe Colchester.

Following the death of her son Duncombe and his wife Elizabeth, Duncombe's mother Mary became guardian of their two children.

Thomas (d. 1752) Son

He married Dorothy (d. 1762), daughter of Richard Yate of Arlingham. Their children all died young and Thomas settled his estate on his great-nephew Joseph Watts, provided he took the name of Pyrke.