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Sackville of Bibury

Sackville Amrs, Bibury Court

Sir Thomas (d. 1648)

He was apparently the illegitimate son of Thomas, earl of Dorset (d. 1609), who became a gentleman usher to James I and was knighted in 1622. He purchased the manor of Bibury in the early 1620s. He married Barbara, daughter of Sir John Hungerford.

Probate of his will, written in 1644, was granted to his daughters in May 1648.

Richard (1633-70) Son

He married

  1. Joyce, the daughter of Charles Trinder of Holwell, Oxon. at Burford in 1652.

    • John
    • Richard, Joyce, Elizabeth were apparently all dead when John wrote his will in 1675
  2. Elizabeth by 1663:
    • Henry - see below
    • Barbara (1664-85)
    • Anne - mentioned as alive by her half-brother in 1675

    As a widow Elizabeth married John Vannam (d. 1721), the vicar of Bibury, by whom she had two sons and a daughter.

John (d. 1697) Son

He made his will in 1675, leaving his estate equally between his half-siblings. Declared a lunatic, he became the ward of his grandmother Jane Trinder (d. 1688). He was buried at Bibury in February 1697.

Henry (1663-1712) Brother

He married:

  1. Anne (d. 1689):
    • Elizabeth (1688-1756) married Edward Warneford of Sevenhampton in Highworth, Wilts. in 1713
  2. Catherine (d. 1691):
    • Catherine (1691-1760) - her twin brother John did not survive

He served as sheriff in 1708/9.