Xmera / Gloucestershire Gentry / Thorpe of Wanswell

Thorpe of Wanswell

Thomas (d. 1542)

He married Margaret, daughter of William Throckmorton of Tortworth and had a son Nicholas

Nicholas (1537-1600) Son

He married:

  1. Mary, daughter of Christopher Wyckes of Abingdon, Berks.
    Her brother was adopted as heir by their father's half-brother Sir John Mason and took the surname Mason.
    • George - see below
    • Nicholas
  2. Anne, née Hill, widow of William Lawrence (d. 1578) of Canonbury, Berkeley gent., steward to Lord Berkeley.
    • William
    • John

George (1576-1622) Son

He married

  1. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Porter of Newent
  2. Margaret (d. 1629), daughter of David Harris of Bristol
    • William - see below
    • John was educated at Lincoln College, Oxford and became a doctor
    • Margaret - mentioned in her mother's will

He joined the board of the Virginia Company in 1612 and was MP for Portsmouth in 1614.

In 1619 he joined with John Smyth, Sir William Throckmorton and Richard Berkeley in sending a ship with 36 men to Virginia. He went to Virginia himself in 1620 and became governor of the Berkeley plantation. He intended to be joined by his family, but was killed by the natives in 1622.

William Son

He married:

  1. Ursula, daughter of John Smyth of Nibley
    • George (d. 1672)
    • Anne (1645-1666)
    • Sarah - mentioned in her brother's will.
  2. Bridget, daughter of Edward Oldisworth
    • William