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Tracy of Stanway

Stanway Gatehouse

Richard (d. 1569)

He was the younger son of William Tracy (d. 1530) of Toddington, who Protestant views he shared. He leased Stanway from the monks of Stanway in 1533. He married Barbara, daughter of Thomas Lucy of Charlecote, Warws.

His will written in 1568 (TNA PROB 11/50/107) is concerned with the settlement for his 3 unmarried daughters, whose dowries were to be £100 each, and 2 younger sons. The executor was his eldest son Paul.

Sir Paul (d. 1626) Son

He married Anne, daughter of Sir Ralph Shakerley.

He was created a baronet by James I in 1611. His wife is not mentioned in his will, so presumably predeceased him.

Sir Richard (d. 1637) Son

He married Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Coningsby of Hampton Court, Herefs. in 1608.

In 1604 he was indicted at Worcester for assault and in 1612 in Star Chamber for affray, following a dispute over a hawk's nest at his father-in-law's house.

Sir Humphrey (d. 1657) Son

A Royalist colonel in the civil war, he married Elizabeth (d. 1657), the daughter of Sir Francis Leigh (d. 1644) of Addington, Bucks. Elizabeth was the grandniece of Sir Thomas Knyvet, who bequeathed the manor of Stanwell, Middx. jointly to her and his grandnephew John Cary. Their son Richard succeeded to the title as a minor.

Sir Richard (d. 1666) Son

Died unmarried and without issue.

Sir John (d. 1677) Uncle

He married Juliana, the daughter of Sir Erasmus de la Fontine of Kirby Bellars, Leics. and through her mother Mary Noel, the granddaughter of Viscount Campden. As John died without a direct male heir, the baronetcy became extinct. Under the terms of his will Stanway and his other estates passed (not without opposition from rival claimants) to his kinsman Ferdinand, younger brother of William, viscount Tracy of Toddington.

Ferdinando (c1659-82) Cousin

He married Catherine, daughter of the lawyer Anthony Keck (1630-95) esq. (later Sir) in London in 1680.

He was buried at Toddington. His widow subsequently married the barrister Edward Chute (1658-1722) of The Vyne, Hants. and had a large family.

John (c1672-1735) Son

He married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Atkyns in 1699.