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Tracy of Toddington

Toddington by Kip c. 1708, detail

The Tracys laid claim to Anglo-Saxon descent and had held Toddington since Domesday. They also held the manor of Alderton from the end of the 15th century until 1684.

Sir William (d. 1530)

He married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Throckmorton of Coughton, Warws.

He died on 10 October 1530, having made a will in which he explicitly refused to bequeath anything 'for that intent that any man shall say or do to help my soul'. The executors were his wife Margaret and son Richard. When the will came to be proved, it was condemned as heretical. The chancellor of Worcester decided not only to exhume Tracy's body, but to burn it at the stake. Thus he became a Protestant cause célèbre.

Henry (d. 1557) Grandson

He married Elizabeth, the daughter of John Bridges, lord Chandos of Sudeley. When Henry wote his will, the couple had eight children:

In 1577 'old Mrs. Tracy', presumably Henry's widow then living at Alderton manor-house, was returned as a recusant.

John (d. 1591) Son

He was a JP in Gloucestershire from 1564, knighted in 1574 and in 1584 represented the county in parliament. He married Anne (d. 1581), daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmorton.

Shortly before his death he purchased the manor of Fairford from Sir Henry Unton.

Sir John (c1561-1647/8), viscount Tracy Son

He fought in the Netherlands and at the siege of Rouen, where he was knighted by the Earl of Essex. On his return to England he became a JP and in 1597 was chosen to represent Gloucestershire in parliament. In 1625 he was furious when the borough of Tewkesbury chose to elect Sir Baptist Hicks (GA, D760/36).

He married Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston, Sussex.

He was created Viscount Tracy in the Irish peerage in 1643.

Arms of Tracy impaling Littleton

Sir Robert (c1593-1662), viscount Tracy Son

He was educated at Oxford and the Middle Temple and after his marriage travelled to Italy. He married Bridget (d. 1632), daughter of John Littleton of Frankley, Worcs. in 1615

He subsequently married Dorothy (1630-85), daughter of Thomas Cooks of Castleditch, Herefs.

He was knighted in 1616 and chosen to represent Gloucestershire in the parliaments of 1621, 1626 and April 1640. He was a royalist, who took part in the capture of Cirencester and the siege of Gloucester. At the time of his death he was living at Alderton.

John, viscount Tracy (1617-1686) Son

He married Elizabeth, daughteer of Thomas, lord Leigh of Stoneleigh.

William, viscount Tracy (c1657-1712) Son

He married

  1. Frances, daughter of Leicester Devereux, viscount Hereford
    • Elizabeth married Robert, son of Sir Robert Burdet of Bramesh, Warws.
  2. Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigh
    • Thomas Charles - see below
    • Anne married Sir William Keyte of Ebberton in 1710

Thomas Charles, viscount Tracy (1690-1756) Son

He married firstly Elizabeth (d. 1719), daughter of William Keyte esq. of Ebberton:

He subsequently married Frances (d. 1751), daughter of Sir John Pakington:

He was succeeded in turn by his sons Thomas Charles, John and Henry. As none of them produced a male heir, the viscountcy becmae extinct in 1797.