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Trye of Hardwicke

The Tryes acquired Hardwicke by marriage in the fifteenth century.

Memorial to John Trye (d. 1591), Hardwicke

John (d. 1591)

His father John (d. 1579) had married one of the co-heirs of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk. He married 1) Margaret, daughter of Sir William Skipwith of South Ormsby, Lincs. and 2) Alice, sister of Sir James Crofts.

William (d. 1610) Son

He married Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Tyrell of Thornton, Bucks:

He was killed during a quarrel in Gloucester.

William (1601-81) Son

He married Anne (d. 1678), daughter of William Vincent of Acton, Middx. with who he had 14 children, including:

When he drew up his will in November 1681 he was living in Painswick. He was buried in Hardwicke the following month.

William (1660-1717) Grandson

He married Mary (d. 1724), daughter and co-heir of Thomas Horne of Horncastle, Yorks.:

He represented Gloucester in the parliaments of 1690 and 1702.