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Sheriffs for Gloucestershire

By the end of the sixteenth century the role of sheriff was largely ceremonial, but could be expensive. The sheriff was required to reside within the county for the year. This could be inconvenient, particularly for for a gentleman whose main residence was in another county. The potential cost and inconvenience led some gentlemen to resist being chosen. Periodically the sheriff would be charged with overseeing the collection of taxes (such as Ship Money under Charles I and the Hearth Tax under Charles II), which also made the role unpopular.

Note: The shrieval year ran from November to November, so a sheriff appointed in 1558 served until November 1559. In the table the year is given as though the appointment of the new sheriff occurred on time and he began his term in November, although with an unpopular office this was not always the case.

1558Sir Thomas Throckmorton
1559Sir Nicholas Arnold
1560Richard Tracy esq.
1561Nicholas Walshe esq.
1562George Huntley esq.
1563William Reade esq.
1564Richard Berkeley esq.
1565Sir Giles Poole
1566William Palmer esq.
1567John Hungerford esq.
1568Robert Brayne esq.
1569Sir Nicholas Poyntz
1570Richard Baynham esq.
1571Thomas Smythe esq.
1572John Higford esq.
1573Robert Straunge esq.
1574Thomas Porter knt.
1575Thomas Wye esq.
1576Walter Compton esq.
1577Thomas Chester esq.
1578Sir John Tracy
1579William Reade esq.
1580Richard Pate esq.
1581Sir Thomas Porter
1582Thomas Baynham esq.
1583Thomas Smyth esq.
1584Anthony Hungerford esq.
1585John Higford esq.
1586Paul Tracy esq.
1587Sir Thomas Throgmerton
Michael Blunt esq.
1588Sir Henry Poole
1589Thomas Lucy esq.
1590William Dutton esq.
1591Sir John Poyntz
1592William Chester esq.
1593Sir John Danvers
1594Joseph Baynham esq.
1595Sir Henry Wynston
1596John Chamberleyn esq.
1597Sir John Hungerforde
1598Sir Edward Wynter
1599George Huntley esq.
1600Sir Thomas Throgmerton
1601William Dutton esq.
1602Thomas Baynham esq.
James I
1603Sir Henry Poole
1604Giles Reade esq.
1605Sir Thomas Seymour
1606William Norwood esq.
1607Sir Thomas Estcourt
1608Sir Robert Woodruff
William Guise esq.
1609Sir John Tracy
1610Paul Tracy esq.
1611Robert Bathurste esq.
1612John Carter esq.
1613William Kingston esq.
1614Richard Brente esq.
1615Henry Fynche esq.
1616Ralph Cotton esq.
1617Thomas Chester esq.
1618Sir Richard Hill
1619Philip Langley esq.
1620Sir Thomas Baker
1621Sir Thomas Thynne
1622Thomas Hodges esq.
1623Sir Richard Rogers
1624John Dowle esq.
Charles I & Interregnum
1625Sir William Sandys
1626Thomas Nicholas esq.
1627Sir William Masters
1628Sir Richard Tracy
1629Henry Dennis esq.
1630Sir Ralph Dutton
1631Sir George Winter
1632Henry Poole esq.
1633Giles Fetiplace esq.
1634Edward Stephens esq.
1635William Leigh esq.
1636Sir Richard Ducye
1637Sir Robert Poyntz
1638John Codrington esq.
1639Sir Humphrey Tracy
1640Robert Pleidall esq.
1641Francis Craswicke esq.
1643Thomas Stephen esq.
1645John Fettiplace esq.
1646William Brown esq.
1647William Guise esq.
1648Sir Richard Brane
John Browning esq.
1649John Dennis esq.
William Dennis esq.
1650John Howe esq.
1651John Kite esq.
1652John Goslett esq.
1653Richard Talboys esq.
1654Simon Bennett esq.
1655George Raymund esq.
1657John Bernard esq.
Charles II
1660Sir William Dacy
1661Sir Humphrey Hooke
1662Thomas Estcourt esq.
1663William Cooke esq.
1664Sir John Hanmer
1665Sir Richard Cocks
1666Richard Whitmore esq.
William Dutton esq.
1667William Dutton esq
1668Sir Richard Ashfeild
1669John Browning esq.
1670Sir Robert Cann
1671Sir Thomas Stephens
1672Henry Dennis esq.
1673John Dowell esq.
1674Abraham Clarke esq.
1675Sir John Fust
1676Sir William Juxon
1677Richard Jones esq.
1678Miles Sandys esq.
1679Thomas Smith esq.
1680Sir Gabriel Lowe
1681William Wall esq.
1682Robert Pleydell esq.
1683Charles Jones esq.
1684Charles Hancocke esq.
James II
1685Charles Winter esq.
1686Sir Thomas Cann
1687Henry Bennet Hall esq.
1688John Chamberlayn esq.
James Stephens esq.
William & Mary
1688Sir Hele Hooke
1689William Denis esq.
1690John De la Bere esq.
1691Andrew Barker esq.
Samuel Barker esq.
1692Sir Richard Cocks
1693Thomas Stephens esq.
1694Nathaniel Ridler esq.
1695Sir George Hanger
1696Walter Yate esq.
1697John Marriott esq.
1698Nathaniel Stephens esq.
1699Thomas Chester esq.
1700Richard Haynes esq.
1701Samuel Eckley esq.
1702Sir Edward Fust
1703William Hayward esq.
1704Edmund Chamberlaine esq.
1705Matthew Ducie Morton esq.
1706Francis Wyndham esq.
1707Henry Wagstaffe esq.
1708Henry Sackeville esq.
1709William Batson esq.
1710George Smyth esq.
1711Thomas Winstone esq.
1712Lawford Cole esq.
1713William Whittington esq.