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Will of Anne Cooke of Highnam

In the name of God Amen, I Anne Cooke of Highnam in the County of Gloucester, being old by in health and sound in mind and memory thanks be to my good God for the same and all the rest of his Mercys to me undeserved, do constitute make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

Imprimis I commit my sould into the hands of Almighty God in whom and by the merits of his son my Blessed Redeemer I hope for a joyful Resurrection, my body to be buried in Highnam Chappel privatly as my Dear Husbands was, close by my Dear Husband as we loved to be near when alive so I desire and well hope to rise together to Life Eternal. For the settling what God and my Dear Husband did give me I do bequave as following.

Item I give to my son Edward Cooke my great and best diamond ring, desiring that he will leave it to his family as his father desired me to do, as the picture case set with diamonds and rubies has done.

Item I give to my Daughter Colt the begift of my mothers pictures set in gold as also my little watch with the stock and lockets and seales belonging to it.

Item I give to my Daughter Heylyn my cabenett and all in it, and my locket ring with her fathers hair, and all the pictures in my closet gold and others except that picture my Daughter Colt is to have and my Grandmother Chomeleys which I give to my Neice Margaret Doyley.

Item I give my son Robert Cooke my lesser pair of silver candlesticks.

Item I give my Grandson Dennis Cooke my diamond ring with one diamond.

Item I give my Grandaughter Elizabeth Cooke my ring set round with diamonds.

Item I give to my Grandaughter Mary Cooke my gold chain and my bracelet of lockets.

Item I give my Grandaughter Dorothy Cooke my silver watch the locket heart set round with diamonds and the locket of King William and Queen Mary and the seals that are with the silver watch.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Heylyn the sum of four hundred pounds upon trust to pay the interest of the same to my Grandaughter Florence Cooke untill the day of her marriage, and if the said Florence Cooke shall marry with the consent of my said Daughter Heylyn that then I give the said four hundred pounds to the said Florence Cooke, but if she shall marry without the consent of my said Daughter Heylyn then my will is that she shall receive the interest only of the said four hundred pound which shall be paid to her self without the intermedling of her husband as if she was sole and her acquitance shall be a sufficient discharge for my Daughter Heylyn, and then from and after her my said Grandaughter Florence Cookes decease then I give the said four hundred pound to my executor hereafter named, and my will is that my Daughter Heylyn shall from time to time by and with the consent of my executor set out the said four hundred pound at interest or any part of it and if any shall be lost that she shall not be responsible for the same.

Item I give to my Grandaughter Dennis Arnold five Broad Peices.

Item I give to the Chappel my silver Tankerd the little Gilt cup and the silver plate without arms.

Item I give five pound to the poore labourers of Highnam, Over, Linton, and Lassington, and to my servants a quarter of a years wages.

Lastly I give all the rest of my personall estate to my son Edward Cooke makeing him my sole executor of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of March 1716.  Sealed, signed, published and declared in the presence of the Testatrix by us  Sam: Lawrence   Robert Scudamore   Mary Beale 

Probate granted 28 April 1725 Elizabeth and Mary Cooke, daughters of Edward Cooke (d. 1724) deceased.