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Nuncupative will of Thomas Hodges of Shipton Moyne (d. 1672)

Memorandum That Thomas Hodges the younger of Shipton=Moyne in the countie of Gloucester gent. being of perfect mynd and memorie, and with an interest and purpose to settle and dispose of his estate and to make and declare his last Will and Testament nuncupative, did on or about the sixth day of May in the yeare of Our Lord one thousand six hundred and seaventie and two last past, utter speake and declare these words following or the like, in effect (viz)

I doe nominate my Father Thomas Hodges of Shipton=Moyne aforesaid esq. to be Gardian to my eldest Sonne Thomas Hodges during his Minoritie, and to receave the Rents & profitts that shall arise out of my estate, and out of the same raise and provide portions for all my younger Children

Which words or the like in effect he uttered and declared as and for his last Will and Testament nuncupative in the presence and hearing of credible witnesses, And that he was at the Premises in his perfect mynd, memorie and understanding

Witnesses: Thomas Hodges, William Kemp

Probate: 21 June 1672 to Thomas Hodges