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Will of William Pulteney

In the Name of God Amen I William Pultney of the parish of St James in the liberty of Westminster and County of Middlesex Esq., being of sound mind and understanding for which I bless God, make and declare this my last will and testament. My Soul I resign into the hands of Almighty God, trusting in his mercies for a forgiveness of my sins and a glorious resurrection of both soul and body. My body I desire may be decently and privately interred, but so as my funerall expences may not exceed the summe of Twenty pounds. My Capitall messuage and all other my houses whatsoever the courtyards ground gardens and buildings thereunto belonging situate lying and being in the said parish of St James's held by leases from the Crown and lately demised to Arthur Gough for 60 years under the clear annuall Rent of 200li and all my Estate right title interest leases and termes of years therein I give and devise unto my dear wife the Lady Arabella Pulteney upon Trust that she shall with the consent of Arabella and Elizabeth Pulteney my daughters and William Smith and Charles Pulteney or such of them as shall be then living sell my said houses and premises for the most money and as soon as conveniently she can and shall with the like consent of the persons aforesaid place out the money to be raised by such sale at Interest. And my will is that after such sale there shall be allowed and paid to each of my said daughters untill their respective marriages or arrivall at the age of 25 years the yearly summe of 60li by four quarterly payments for their maintenance in Cloaths and other pockett expences and that the residue of the Rents and profits until such sale and residue of the proceed and Interest of the moneys arising by such sale shall be paid to and retained by my said wife for the diet and lodging of my said daughters and if my said daughters or either of them shall refuse to live with my said wife their mother untill their respective marriages or Ages of 25 years I will that she or they so refusing shall have no more than her or their allowance of 60li p' Ann' and that my wife shall have the residue of the said Rents and Interest money to her own use without any account to be made to my said daughters for the same. And my further will and meaning is that when my said daughters shall arrive to their respective ages of 25 years or be marryed with the consent of their mother they shall respectively have and receive to their own respective uses a moiety of the premises if then unsold and the Rents, Issues and profits thereof and if sold a moiety of the money arising by such sale and if either of my said daughters shall dye beofe her age of 25 years or marriages the whole premises if then unsold and the Rents and profits thereof and if sold the whole money arising by such sale shall remain and go to the survivor of them. All my Jewells plate arrears of rent goods Chattells and other personall Estate whatsoever after my just debts and funerall expences shall be paid and satisfied I give to my said dear wife the Lady Arabella whom I constitute sole Executrix of this my last will. I revoke all former wills heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last will and Testament. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale this 19th day of January in the First year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George over Great Brittain &c. and in the year of our Lord Christ 1714/15.

Witnesses: Dorothea Orme, Richard Rooth, Martin Clare.

Probate: granted 31 August 1715 to Lady Arabella Pulteney

Reference: TNA PROB 11/547/408