Kiftsgate Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 52v
John Peart, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 24v
Thomas Steevens, constable
The beginning of the 1672 assessment is lost and only the last 6 entries and the exemptions remain. The previous entries come from the 1671 assessment, which corresponds in the final 6 entries. The 1671 assessment is also incomplete, lacking an unknown number of entries at the beginning. The total number of hearths in the 1671 assessment was 66. This suggests that Thomas Bick was charged for 2 hearths and a forge in the 1672 assessment plus a year's arrears for the forge, rather than the 2 hearths given here from the 1671 assessment.
The exemption certificate has not been found.
Certificate: TNA, E179/329
Signed By:
Authorised by:
No certificate located.
An unknown number of lines are lost.
Thomas Hodson not finished1
Mr Stratford-
Widd Humphrys-
Thomas Steevens-
Thomas Thorndell-
Thomas Hale-
Thomas Blissard-
John Peart-
Thomas [Phipps] 1 demolished-
James Combe1
William Thorndell1
Thomas Bick 1 forge2
Anthony Freeman3
Edward Cooke 1 demolished2
Mr Haatson rector3
James Davis2
William Langton1
Widow Cull3
Widow Hill1
Thomas Hiett1
Widow Payne1
John Payne1
Richard Langly/Lambly 2 & oven3
Edmond/Edward Wood2
John Wood1


Austin Grening1
John Steevens1
Richard Payne1
William Peart1
Widow Hodson1
John Hodson1
William Man1
John James1
John Turner1
William Ferreby1
Richard Slicer1
Widow Venn1
Mary Tinerth1
Edith Parker1
Robert Slicer1
John Baylis1
Elizabeth Smith1
John Baylis junior2
Richard Turner1
John Woolams1
Thomas Deane1
Thomas Bubb1
Edward Higgins1
William Deane1
John Jeferson1
Margaret Deane1
John Player1
Widow Benett1
Elizabeth Brookes1
Thomas Fluster1
William James1
Thomas James1
Widow Adams1
Thomas Wood1
William Thorndell1
Judith Hant1