Cheltenham Town

Cheltenham Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 44r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 15r-v
Laurence Higgs & Richard Blick, constables
Only two short sections of the 1671 assessment, including around 40 names, survives.
The assessment notes that including the burnt properties there were 398 hearths in the 1672 assessment.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/82
Date:10 August 1672
Signed By:William Gardyner, deputising for the minister
John Chester & Lodovick Jening, churchwardens
Authorised by:Fleetwood Dormer & Thomas Rich
When signed by the justices the certificate contained 45 names (Edward Bliss appears to be the later addition).
Mr Gardner4
Thomas Cartwright7
Humphrey Kemett3
Thomas Mathews2
Henry Hobbs2
Mr Buckle3
Widow Milton2
William Cole2
Charles Ireland2
John Iles4
Charles Higgs3
John Collett7
Sarah Collett3
Thomas Rich esq.6
Henry Hobbs1
Roger Hiett5
Robert Hiett1
Thomas Bukards2
Thomas Murrell 1 oven5
George Chester4
Toby Leach2
Richard Rogers1
John Hayward3
Henry Iles1
William Guthrige2
Samuel Cox2
And for his forge arrears 1 year1
Samuel Iles4
Robert Clarke3
Anthony Clarke1
William Cooke1
Richard Draper1
Thomas Cox3
Edward Nicholls 1 demolished1
Richard Bayley1
Richard Chester burnt / Nathaniel Chester3
Widow Jeofryes burnt1
Widow Gardner burnt2
Thomas Gardner4
Widow Tayler2
Abel Care1
William Care / William Taylor1
Walter Adams2
And for his forge arrears 1 year1
Anthony Chester3
Thomas Kemett3
Walter Buckle4
Thomas Bliss3
And for his forge arrears 1 year1
John Clarke2
Thomas Hayward3
William Prinn3
Thomas Weston4
Toby Ashmead2
Richard Banister1
Toby Ballinger5
Henry Mason4
Lodowick Jenings3
George Shurmy3
Daniel Chester9
Widow Ashmead5
Edmund Johnson4
John Morse1
Luke Guest2
Henry Mason3
John Mason1
John Smith7
And for his forge3
Giles Ber--3
William Ashmead2
William Cooke3
Mr Sturmy3
Mr Roberts5
Richard Scary1
Widow Macock2
Robert Gregory3
Robert Freeman1
Thomas Mills1
Robert Gregory1
Widow Mathews4
Thomas Clarke1
William Mills2
Thomas Arthur1
Robert Roberts2
Thomas Meacock2
Mr Sturmy5
Richard Blick3
Mr Hayward5
Mr Banister4
Anthony Ireland4
Henry Goodcheap2
Thomas Powell2
Paul Homan 1 oven3
Nicholas Church2
Guy Ellis3
William Church1
James Nicholls2
Thomas Benin1
Thomas Cox8
Mr Higgs2
Robert Church1
Widow Finch1
William Willis1
John Chester6
Walter White1
Giles Ashmead2
Robert Hiett1
Thomas Rested3
Walter Ackley2
Mary Ballenger1
Thomas Ashmead1
Nicholas Ashmead2
Richard Grigory2
Henry Mayor2
Thomas White2
Widow Dobbins3
Thomas Hiett1
John White1
Robert Milton1
Walter White2
John Lippiatt1
William White2
Thomas Stibe1
John Deversten4
Thomas Maston3
John Deverston1
John Horne1
Joseph Arkell2
Francis Milton1
William Benfeild2
William Hiett1
Thomas Forty1
John Benfeild2
Thomas Finch1
Thomas/John Spencer1
Daniel Gregory1
Thomas Hiett1
William Ashmead2
Nicholas Ashmead2
John Ashmead2
Widow Milton3
Widow Search1
Nicholas Church2
Richard Artur1
John Milton1
Walter Arkell1
Richard Newman1
Walter/Robert Ellis2
Richard Levett1
Henry Humphry/Pumfry1
Richard Gregory2
John Nicholls1
Mr Parker5
Widow Robbins/Robbinson1
Mary Hiett2
Mr Buckell4
Thomas Humphrys 1 oven5
Richard Skinner3
Richard Willis2
Widow Gregory2
John Buckle3
Robert Bick3
Thomas Davis1
Thomas Hopcott2
Richard Cox1
Riuchard Hale1
Robert Clarke1


Widow Watts1
Zachary Page1
Thomas Steevens1
John Lockye1
Daniel Page1
Geoffrey Blocome1
John Blocome1
John Arkell1
William Blocome1
Walter Milton1
Giles Cox1
Richard White1
James Page the younger1
Daniel Gregory1
Ellis Merrell1
Thomas Barnes1
Widow Thornbury1
Thomas Lifoly1
John Gard1
William Millerd1
Richard Wakefeild1
Geoffrey Oakey1
John Stile1
Widow Minde1
Widow Roberts1
Ralph Belcher1
John Dowle1
Sandford Deafler1
John Goston1
Widow Tiler1
Joan Tison1
John Willis1
Widow Willis1
Katharine Mathews1
Richard Stills1
William Stills1
Joan Munso, widow1
Geoffrey Bishop1
Margery Bishop1
Mary Gardner, widow1
Widow Lee1
Roger Cox1
Anne Ellis, widow1
Thomas Dowle1
Thomas Nicholls1
Edward Bliss1