Bisley Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 37v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 6r-v
Thomas Castle, constable (Edge)
Stephen Gardner, constable (Spoonbed)
John Mayo, tithingman (Stroud End)
Only the middle of the 1671 assessment survives for Edge, while the 1672 assessment is faded and damaged in parts.
The 1671 assessment is missing for Spoonbed and the number of hearths is missing from part of the list of exemptions for the 1672 assessment.
For Stroud End around half of the 1671 assessment and the number of hearths for the exemptions in the 1672 assessment are lost.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/77
Date:3 June 1672
Signed By:George Dorwood, clerk
Authorised by:Gabriel Lowe & Thomas Smyth
Also signed by Stephen Gardener & John Gide, tithingmen.
The Painswick certificate lists the exemptions for each tithing separately.
William Taylor of Spoonbed tithing appears on the certificate but not in the assessment.

Edge Tithing

George Dorwood, clerk6
And for the vicarage6
Stephen Castle2
Edward Mathews5
Daniel Holder1
Edward Waite9
William Maysey2
John Bidle3
Henry James1
William Maysey5
John Try, gent5
William Cookes3
Widow Hamonde3
John Mime3
Richard Church1
Henry Twine2
Giles Watkins1
Henry Bryent 1 forge1
Henry Clayfeild2
Richard Gardner3
John Merrell1
John Hillman1
John Harding1
William Little3
Stephen Hunt2
William Clement2
Samuel [Woodman]1
William Little2
Henry Repinson3
Widow King4
Richard Wilshire3
Thomas Winston1
Thomas Mayo1
Samuel Clissall1
Jacob Holder1
Samuel Clissoll3
Thomas Mad--1
Giles Wheler3
Giles Watkins1
Widow Holder1
Samuel Sus--2
Mrs Feild3
John Gardner4
Mr Rogers-
William Try esq.-
John Hard---
James Vinhouse4
Jeremy Candler5
Mr Simonds9
Widow Hilman-
Henry Terrett-
Stephen Wrenn-
Nicholas Lingenholt-
Henry Downes3
Thomas Kinge-
Thomas Cooke-
And for a forge discharged1
Edmund Holder2
John Driver3
Thomas Clements3
Thomas Cugley3
Daniel Taylor2
Edward/Edmund Webb7
Thomas Webb3
Sarah/Samuel Webb, 2 houses5
Giles Watkins1
Thomas Castle4
Samuel Kinge2
Edward Land5
Samuel Smith1
John Knowles4
Richard Smith, 2 houses3
Stephen Gardner5
William Packer3
John Rodway2
Richard Tunly1
Francis Harrice2
Charles Michell5
John Tunley1
John ---1
John Gardner4
John Eldrige 1 forge1
Richard Maysey2
John Parry2
William Mower2
Richard Mower3
John Niblett2
Margery Cudd3
Widow/Robert Gardner4
Edward Buddin4
Edward Tunley/Tully, 3 houses3
Mary Winchome, widow3
Robert Cooke3
William Bradford3
Thomas Parker4
John Gide3
Richard Parker2
John Haynes1
Henry Staninge2
Richard Merrett1
Thomas Strange2
Daniel Clarke1
Mr John Poole7


Robert Powell2
John Osborne2
William Kinge1
Edward Williams1
James Gransome1
Thomas Hoode1
Richard Stephens1
Daniel Wrenn1
Widow Gardner1
John Cooke1
Robert Duckle1
Henry Ridler1
William Short1
Margaret Lowe1
John Ashmead1
Mary Holiday1
James Bayley1
Edward Watkins1
William Holiday1
Giles Halling1
Henry Holiday1
Richard Hadnutt1
Richard Benton1
Widow Merrett
Thomas Jones
Robert Motley
John Twining
James Blanch
Henry Wheler
John Holder
Richard Page
Stephen Page
Elizabeth Cooke
Henry Wood
Henry Bryan

Spoonbed Tithing

John Turner1
And for his forge discharged1
John Wakely1
Sarah Hunt2
Robert Bliss4
Arthur Long2
Thomas Castle1
William Wrenn3
Thomas Osborne3
Thomas Jones6
William Mason1
Joseph Harding3
Arthur Hilman2
James Loveday5
Giles Smith2
James Kinge3
Henry Gardner2
James Long2
Henry Wheler1
Anthony Warner2
Peter Watkins4
Richard Day1
Richard Knowles1
Widow Castle3
Richard Page5
George Fletcher3
Thomas Knowles1
Daniel Osberne3
Robert Hilman1
Phillip Knowles1
John Andrews3
John Gardner1
Thomas Wilshire2
William Wilshire1
Stephen Gardner4
Walter Jones2
Thomas Castle3
Giles White1
Richard Timbrell5
William Poole1
William Cox3
Richard Gardner4
Henry Beard4
Robert Viner3
Samuel Hopton3
Robert Lewis5
Robert Simonds2
Samuel Smith demolished burnt whole year1
John Loveday5
Thomas Castle1
John Andrews1


Henry Knowles
John Mathews
Widow Denton
John Gardner
Widow Cooke
Daniel Kitson
Daniel Twining
Daniel Haselton
John Hilman1
Thomas Taylor1
James Church1
James Hilman1
Richard Hilman1

Sheepscombe Tithing

Henry Gardner gent11
John Reeve4
Richard Winn2
Richard Watkins2
Edward Clements2
Margery Hunt1
Thomas Osborne1
Robert Wotton1
John Gardner3
Widow Hinton2
Henry Caudle / Thomas Gardner1
William Burdock1
William Wastfeild1
Giles Gardner2
James Castle1
Rowland Wood esq4
Richard Hilman1
Thomas Patie2
John Rodway1
William Millerd2
Joan/James Rodway2
John Jakewayes1
Laurence Hatherly1
Jeremy Ockwell1
Stephen Townsend / John Gibbins3
William Osborne3
Edmund Clements2
Jane Phillips2
Thomas Loveday5
Thomas Randell3
Giles Wheler1
Walter Humfrys2
Thomas Twining2
John Edwards4
Samuel Cooke2
William Watkins2
William Merryman1
Hannah Loveday, widow3


Stephen Townsend1
Widow Edwards1
John Castle1
John Burdock1
Daniel Millerd1
Thomas Hobbs1
Thomas Whiting1
John Millerd1
John Gibbins1
William Wood1
Henry Knowles1
John Wheler1
Thomas Castle1
Anne Poole1

Stroud End Tithing

Mr Daniel Niblett6
Edward Gardner5
Sarah Gardner, widow4
Daniel Haines2
Edith Page, widow3
John Mayo4
Edmund Fletcher4
Edward Baldwin5
William Cooke3
John Niblett5
Thomas West3
William Mason2
Thomas Winn2
Elizabeth Greining, widow2
William Webb2
George Cooke2
William Baldwin2
Laurence Winn4
Robert Baldwin2
Joan Mundon3
John Nicholls2
Thomas Bliss3
Richard Packer2
Giles Beard1
Thomas Wood2
John Baldwin / John Pauling3
Thomas Bliss3
Thomas Gardner, 2 houses6
Henry Winchcombe2
William Humphryes1
William Oakey4
Mary Barnes2
William Barnes2
Henry Barnes2
Richard Hale3
Thomas Keene3
John Watts6
Thomas Clissoll5
Thomas Webb3
Edward Shotford1
Richard Timms1
John Harris1
John Dodwell1
Matthew Rose1
John Webb9
Widow Hacker4
Robert Hathway1
Henry Fletcher7
Thomas Tayler5
William Cooke1
Thomas Jones1
Bartholomew Edwards2
Daniel Heskins2
Richard Davis2


Widow Clissoll
William Jones
James Ellis
Richard Blakeny
Widow Wrenn
Henry Eagles
Stephen Watkins
Thomas Hilman
Thomas Wood
Thomas Merrett