Bisley Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 38v-39r
Jasper Keene, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 7v-8r
Walter Restell, constable
John Furnold, tithingman (Steanbridge)
Henry Smart, tithingman (Chelford Side)
Both assessments were separated into tithings, but included all the exemptions for the parish into a single list. The exemptions are listed in the assessment after the entries for Edgworth and Sapperton.
There is a substantial portion missing from the 1671 assessment for Bisley, which included 195 hearths and only about half of Chalford survives. Comparison of the two assessments for Steanbridge shows that James Keene had demolished 1 hearth.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/80
Date:12 June 1672
Signed By:Richard Britten, clerk
Thomas Winston & George Hobbs, churchwardens
Authorised by:Gabriel Lowe & Thomas Smyth
The certificate does not divide the exemptions by tithing.


Richard Britton, clerk, 2 houses-
Thomas Parkins-
Mr William Sewell6
John Eldrige 1
And for his forge1
Robert Hide2
Joan Taylor3
Thomas Taylor, 2 houses2
Thomas Shuring1
Richard [Bankes]3
Thomas [Vernon]-
-- Keene3
William Fowler1
Edward Townsend2
Richard Pope4
Edward Eldrige2
Alice Stichell4
George Ansloe1
Anthony Cox2
John Stanley2
Thomas Showell1
John Stanly1
Jacob Stanly1
Peter Clissell2
And for a forge2
Widow Tomerlins2
Richard Smith1
Richard Sanders2
George Smart2
James Allway5
Samuel Rogers4
Daniel Snow3
Roger Batt3
William Phelps4
Thomas Payton1
William Witts2
Robert Davis4
George Moone1
William Freame5
William Warren2
Gayney Tiler2
William Ederly1
Henry Smart2
John Ansloe1
Daniel Collins1
Thomas Tunn-
William [Hunt]1
Joan --1
Richard Steevens-
Abraham Daniels-
Thomas [Bowman]-
Nicholas [Bowman]-
John Hunt-
Samuel [Darke]-
Richard [Hunt]-
Giles Nurse-
John Masey-
Edward Snow-
Henry Butts-
Richard Baller-
Mrs Poole-
Robert Freame-
Thomas Clayfeild-
William Hoane-
William Hunt-
Jasper Codery3
Thomas Carter2
Mr Nathaniel Ridler senior8
Mr Nathaniel Ridler junior4
Thomas Taylor1
Daniel Webb4
William ---
John Seede3
John Sevell3
Thomas Bucher1
Jeremy Rowles2
William Masey3
John Masey3
John Freeman2
Thomas Randell2
Leonard Poole1
Thomas Cooke1
Thomas Workman1
Thomas Bennett1
William Allen1


John Furnold3
Nathaniel Clissoll4
John Webb1
Thomas Baldwin3
Samuel Sewell5
John Viner2
Samuel Woodfeild1
John Steevens/Stephens3
John Fryer1
William Keene2
Edward Hatton3
John Showell2
William Showell3
James Keene1


Jeremy Alder4
and for 2 houses more4

Chalford Side

Obadiah Smart1
Thomas Trotman3
John Butler4
Thomas Dudbrige2
Thomas Harmer2
Richard Butt3
John Butt2
Edward Weston1
Richard Rutter2
Walter Sevell, 2 houses4
Joseph Bliss2
Roger Butt4
Francis Smart3
Henry Steevens2
John Webb3
William Cooke2
Widow Penbury/Pinbury, 2 houses5
William Peirce2
William Ponting1
John Rogers4
Walter Restell3
Jacob Stephens2
Widow Hartland1
John Baker5
Thomas Witts1
Joan Stephens1
William Stephens1
Robert Peirce1
Robert Lyday1
Samuel Damsell1
Thomas Winstone1
Thomas Twissell5
George Twissell1
George Twissell senior1
William Rowles1
John Tanner1
Henry Restell2
Thomas Iles6
William Braden2
John Ball1
George Mason1
William Lugg1
Joan Batt2
Richard Pegler1
Phillip Shepherd esq.4
Alice Tayler3
John Hunt2
Widow Whitmore2
Robert Burrow newly erected
payable but for one halfe year for one hearth


Jeremy Munden1
Robert Payton2
John Iles1
Edward Harbert1
Thomas Abell2
William Harbert1
William Hanncocks4


Thomas Smart 2 houses8
Edward Turner5
John Turner2
Robert Barrow1
Widow Fletcher2
Thomas Hunt1
John Clissell4
Thomas Ocker1
Widow Verender2
Edward Turner not finished1
Daniel Laurence1
Anthony Floyd1
Jeremy Harbert1


Widow Ballerd1
Widow Smith1
John Smith1
James Alloway1
William West1
Arthur West1
John Macock1
Walter Tayler1
Richard Davis1
William Adams1
Henry Mason1
John Mathews1
Widow Mumford2
John Stanley1
William Lydall1
William Alloway1
Daniel Clissell1
Robert Snowe1
William Allen1
John Smith1
Widow Grish1
Francis Williams 1
Roger Cripps1
Samuel Stephens1
Widow Novell1
John Winston1
Richard Alloway1
Widow Croft1
Giles Davis1
Samuel Hall1
Nathaniel Niblett1
Humphrey Tayler1
Samuel Evans1
Thomas Treherne1
William Pettit1
John Hunt1
Ferdinand Allinson1
Widow Embry1
Mary Osberne1
William & Walter Davis2
John Kinge1
Joseph Witts1
James & Thomas Workman2
Daniel Yong1
Walter Andrews1
William Lugg1
Thomas Ireland1
William Mumford1
Widow Sumner1
Widow Damsell1
Timothy / Thomas Cox 1
William Stephens1
James Yong1
William Munden1
James Dobbs1
Henry Mumford2
Thomas Bond1
Widow Holiday1
Thomas Simonds1
John & Thomas Simonds2
Simon Simonds1
Nathaniel Davis1
Henry Watkins1
John & Richard Holiday2
John Holiday, junior1
John Yong1
William Ricketts1
Samuel Davis1
John Workman1
Christopher Ridler1
Widow Dower1
Widow Ireland1
Matthew Bartlett1
Widow Davis1
Thomas Tanner1
William Davis1
William Warren1
Widow Hobson1
Thomas Butt1
Richard Smart1
Richard Hide1
Widow Webb1
Thomas & John Hunt2
Richard Pride1
John Parsons1
George & Richard Parsons2
Widow Stephens1
John Hunt1
William Davis1
Widow Yong1
Edward Verender1
Steophen Butt1
Widow Stephens1
George Coales2
John Mumford1
John Burrows1
William Junall1
John Mayo1
Thomas Mayo1
John Estcourt1
William Croft1
John Pontine1
William Pontine2
Samuel Pontine2
Richard & George Smith2
William Davis1
William Butt1
Richard Kinge1
William Gardner1
Isaac Gardner1
Widow Franklin1
Francis Franklin1
Widow Junall1
William Hanley1
Nathaniel Lewis1
William Lewis1
Widow Snow1
Nathaniel Lewis1
Widow Masters1
Widow Oakey1
Widow March1
John Nicholls1
Samuel Franklin1
John Peirce1
John Wyre1
William Wyre1
Thomas Bull1
Richard Restell1
William Taynton1
Widow Macey1
Samuel Cole1
John Pitt2
James Webb1
William Hunt1
Henry Hide1
Thomas Morgan1
John Hide1
William Ansloe1
William Webb1
Richard Lyda1
William Gunter1
Richard & William Witts2
Nathaniel Coats senior & junior2
Edward Butt1
John & Thomas Verender2
Francis Verender1
John & Robert Gardner2
William Cross1
John Browne1