Bibury, Ablinton & Arlington

Brightwells Barrow Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 28r-v
Thomas Rogers, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 4v
The very end of the 1672 assessment for Bibury and the for the whole of Ablinton and Arlington are lost. The 1671 assessment had 56 hearths for Bibury and the entry for Richard Richmond was the last entry followed by a void house with no distress. The 1671 assessment for Bibury separated Mr Sackfild(20) from Mr Sackfild's farm (5).
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/93
Date:4 May 1672
Signed By:Benjamin Wynington
Richard Embury & John Oxindell, churchwardens
Authorised by:John Georges & Henry Powle
The certificate was also signed by Thomas House, churchwarden of Arlington.
The list of exemptions is missing from the 1672 assessment, so the names have been taken from the certificate. The 1671 assessment recorded 44 exempt hearths, including 2 for the Churchhouse and 6 for a single Almshouse. It also recorded that there were many poor people omitted, because they received alms.


Widow Chedwell/Chadwell3
Francis Crawford3
William Mathews1
John Leech1
Richard Smart1
Mr Winington, clerk4
Mr Sackfeild 2 houses25
William Tawney1
Richard Batson1
Widow Peasely1
Richard Embry1
Nicholas Knipe1
John Westmacott3
George Goulding1
Joseph Brindle1
Thomas Long1
William Bennett2
Thomas Rogers2
John Embry2
Richard Richman1


Thomas Rodburne2
Thomas Kinge1
William Wayne 1 not finisht2
[William] Hall gent6
[Thomas] Marchant4
[Matthew] Archard6
The rest is lost.


The start of the assessment is missing.
William Mathews4
Richard Marchant4
William Marchant4
Richard Shurmer1
Alexander Baker1


William Simmons
Lawrence Westmacot
William Smith
John Morton
Widow Carter
William Paine
The Churchhouse
The Almshouse
William Merrifield
Edward Machell
Thomas Winchcomb
Widow Trion
John Smith
John Burdy
Mathew Smither
John Adams
Simon Grinif
Widow Gilbert
Thomas Haywood
Widow Smither
Thomas Jenkins
Richard Shurmer the younger
John Shurmer
Michael Tounsend
Anthony Chandler
Richard Smither
Robert Sketcher
Widow Tounsend
Roger Jeffs
The Almshouse
Michael Portlock
John Palmer
John Solas
Thomas Scuice
Giles Grinway