Longtree Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 34r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 11v
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/57
Date:17 May 1672
Signed By:William Hall
Nathaniel Adams & John Sanders, churchwardens
Edward Whyting & John Joyce, overseers
Authorised by:Gabriel Lowe & John Browning
The certificate was signed by the justices as containing 45 names, but has been modified with two names crossed out and a number of others added.
John Driver gent.6
Robert Driver1
Giles Whithead2
Widow Long2
William Bennett2
John Manning2
William Pavie2
Giles Mills6
Richard Mathews3
William Millerd1
Thomas Sanders4
Widow Veysey2
William Adey1
William Gade5
Richard Price1
Nicholas Avery1
Thomas Millerd2
Nathaniel Adams4
Andrew Morse1
Thomas Bayley2
Thomas Harris4
Thomas Adey2
William Hall, clerk6
Benedict Witchell2
Thomas Dee3
Garrett Hall1
Mr Samuel Adams5
John Sanders4
Richard Turtle1
John Clissell2
Mr Samuel Rune6
Mr Richard Willabey3
Stephen Parson2
Richard Smith3
David Rime2
Widow Freame2
Samuel Ricketts2
Thomas Freame2
Thomas Gide2
Widow Wood2
Thomas Harrison2
Henry Hinton3
Anne Millerd2
Edward Whiting1
William Perrin1
Samuel Adey1
Richard Dee1
John Chambers2
Edward Horwood1
George House6
George Jeofryes1
Thomas Guy3
Thomas Sanders3
Thomas Small3
John Sansome1


Samuel Ricketts1
Richard Done1
Edward Maston1
William Hinton1
Widow Clissold1
William Millerd1
David Lea1
John Clarke1
John Clissold1
David Hicks1
William Grime1
Richard Perrin1
Thomas Washburne1
Francis Ball1
Ruth & Mary Essex2
Arthur Webb1
Samuel Avery1
John Samson1
Judith Dean1
Henry Lukas1
Edward Bowle1
Edward Ball1
William Samsom2
Margery Avery1
Nicholas Fletcher1
John Stowell1
William Rawlins1
Richard Fletcher1
John Avery1
Thomas Rigby1
James Webb1
Nathaniel Clark2
William Avery1
Thomas Harrison1
Nathaniel Baydon1
James Clark1
Thomas Butt1
Richard Turner1
Samuel Burnfield1
Widow Clark1
Thomas Lukas1
Robert Griffin1
Nathaniel Sanders1
Edward Temple1
Christopher Howell1
Susan Moody1
Richard Barnard1
Richard Dangerfield1
Elizabeth Tanner1