Longtree Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 33v-34r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 12r-v
Stephen Ricketts, tithingman
The 1672 assessment for the tithing is badly damaged beneath the entry for Richard Vine and the entries thereafter are deduced by comparison with the 1671 assessment.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/52 & 174
Date:11 May 1672
Signed By:Thomas Tilladam, curate
William Halliday & Giles Horrell, churchwardens
Edward Stringer, overseers
Authorised by:Gabriel Lowe & John Browning
The exemption certificate has been torn in two and separated. An additional name (Iserse Flaichar ?) has been added at the end in a different hand, apparently before the justices signed that there were 36 exemptions, but does not appear on the assessment.


Thomas Davis3
Widow Kinge1
William Smart6
Richard Willis1
Richard Butt4
John Webb5
John Kemble4
John Savage3
Widow Davis6
Elbert Westo2
Christopher Hodgis1
George Parker1
Widow Leech3
Thomas Lawrence1
William Essington3
Thomas Moore2
Walter Hooper3
Arthur Selman1
Nathaniel Beard1
Richard Adey2
Thomas Warner5
Thomas Webb5
John Watts2
Robert Hawker2
Nathaniel Beard2
Michael Holliday3
Edward Driver2
Jeremy Norris3
Widow Holiday7
Samuel Webb2
Daniel Fowler1
Mr Thayer3
Mr Estcourt7
John Clutterbuck3
Edward Stringer5
James Stanfeild, clerk5
Walter Morse3
James Brayne3
Edward Sealing1
Giles Hornell2
Edward Wathen2
Thomas Long4
William Holiday3
Jeremy Kinge2
James Mason5
James Mason junior3
William Gough2
James Heaven1


Benjamin Cambridge2
James Barnfeild1
Benjamin Cambridge burnt down whole year2
Thomas Yeates2
Samuel Yeates2
Samuel Yeates junior3
Thomas Corner / Churches1
John Walkley10
Clutterbuck Deane4
Joseph Crouches / Churches2
Isaac Ricketts3
Thomas Ricketts2
Thomas Maning2
Daniel Fowler2
Samuel Bower1
John Maning3
John Buckle2
Lawrence Shearer2
Ambrose Webb2
Nicholas Wood1
Richard Vine2
James Wathen junior2
Samuel Webb1
James Wathen2
Samuel Cambridge 2 not finisht1
Henry Perry3
Widow Bamfeild1
George Small6
Timothy We--3
Thomas N--2
Samuel B--2
Henry --4
Laurence --2
Henry Ber--1
William Smith1
Mr Watkins2
Mr Perry4
Micha Kinge1
Henry Hawling3
Giles Pinfold 2 demolished3
Mr Hodges2
Mr Stephens3
George Payne2


John Clarke1
Samuel Gardner1
John Blisse1
Henry Carter1
Henry Adey1
Richard Jones1
Richard Jones, junior1
Samuel Har--1
John Wathen1
Thomas Browning1
Richard Foxwell1
James Lantey1
John Hasker1
Richard Moore1
James Peglar1
John Smith1
John Smith, junior1
William Amos1
John Butt1
Thomas Harmore1
Giles Mower1
William Ricketts1
William Chamberlain1
Thomas Paynton1
Jasper Reeve1
Jasper Reeve junior2
Samuel Maning2
Nathaniel Orford1
John Peirce1
Samuel Long1
Stephen Moore1
Henry Moore1
Samuel Burt1
Widow Adey1
Thomas Frigg1