Rapsgate Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 28v
Thomas Hibbert, constable
Later assessment presumably on now lost membrane.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/46
Date:27 May 1672
Signed By:I. Haghe, rector
John Turner and Richard Grace, churchwardens
Authorised by:John Georges & William Bourchier
Thomas Butler, constable also signed the certificate.
The 1671 assessment included only 8 of the names on the certificate, but Samuel Skinner and Thomas Butler were both exempted for 2 hearths.
Thomas Higgs esq.11
Mr Richard Sallis3
Daniell Gibbons1
Thomas Hibberts2
Widow Hill1
Robert Goodale2
Richard Renalls1
William Avery1
William Hale1
William Gale1
William Flecher1
Robert Will--1
Widow [Grove]1
Morice H--1
Thomas H--2
Mr Heag--3
Widow Baldwin1
Richard Bignell2
Richard Coles1
Richard B--1
Edward Mill 1 forge-
A void house1


Richard Greenway
Edmund Miles
Robert Williams
Richard Reynolds
Edward Perkins
Thomas Gale
Joane Coates, widow
Anne Ludlow
Thomas Butler
Samuel Skinner