Dudstone & King's Barton Hundred

1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 31v
John Price
The beginning of the previous assessment is lost.
It is not apparent why John Varnon is included in the assessment, but with no hearths recorded. The previous assessment assessed John Vernon at 1 hearth.
Mr Cumberlane7
Edward Clarke1
Peter Minchin1
George Ward2
William Clarke1
Christopher Olliver2
Anne Egly5
William Hill1
Thomas Parrett1
William Rickett demolished whole year2
Margaret Cowley2
Mary Wickham, widow1
William Browne3
John Varnon/Vernon-
Giles Cox3
Thomas Cox3
William Bubb 1 & a forge2
And for his forge 4 half years2
John Showell2
Thomas Moye3
Elizabeth Barrow2
John/Pinell Price2
Richard/Rice Price2
William Barrow1
Mrs Harwood2
John Kirsie5
John Dobbs1
Widow Coache6