Barton Street

Dudstone & King's Barton Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 60v-61r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 33v-34r
Giles Smith, constable
Only the beginning of the 1671 assessment survives with what is probably the end of the list of exemptions.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/179
Date:8 October 1672
Signed By:John Deighton, vicar of St Mary de Lode & Thomas Woolnough, minister of St Michaels
Giles Smith & John Bacon, overseers
Authorised by:William Selwyn & Henry Norwood
The certificate included 42 names when signed by the justices, but 2 were subsequently deleted.
William Warwick6
John Sadler3
Alice Wood, widow5
Eleanor Wilshire, widow-
Thomas Simonds1
Thomas/William Hayes3
William Johnson-
John Roberts-
Isaac Lilly-
Henry Langford-
Widow Lyes-
Widow Ingram-
William Cox2
Mr Holford-
Thomas Lye1
William Bennett2
Thomas Price2
Richard Heming3
Widow Perry1
Richard Gardner3
William Tayler1
Robert Coucher3
Edward Phillips1
Widow Woodcox1
Richard Smith1
Mrs Michell 6 void for half a year no distress3
Paul Harding5
Clement Merrett2
William Perke2
Widow Cooke3
William Coucher3
Francis Dethrick void no distress for half year21
Robert Hamling1
Henry Collins1
Humphrey Bachelor2
Thomas Cooke 1 & a forge2
And for a forge 4 half years2
Thomas Hannis1
Thomas Mills2
Richard Timber-
Humphrey Onion4
Joseph Clifford2
Roger Whatman2
John Green5
Daniel Washburne2


Joan Higgs, widow1
John Tart1
Christopher Estcott1
William Crew1
John White1
Thomas Hawkins1
Thomas Woodcock1
Elizabeth Kirbey1
Richard Roberts1
Walter Capnor1
Elizabeth Hale, widow1
Mary Johnson, widow1
Thomas Mills1
Abigail Horwood1
Edward Chandler1
William Canter1
Elizabeth Jones1
Mary Window, widow1
James Powell1
John Hancox1
Susan Venton, widow1
William Hornige1
James Tiler1
William Turner1
Edward Lane1
William Tomkins1
John Browne1
William Mills1
Joan Mayo, widow1
John Dyer1
Isaac Monning1
Edward Evans1
Thomas Hains1
William Reeve1
William Phelps1
John Hornige1
Richard Watts1
William Green1
Anne Woodcock1
William Woodcock1