Kiftsgate Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 54r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 25v
The end of the 1671 assessment and most of the list of exemptions from the later are lost.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/17
Date:2 July 1672
Signed By:John Portman, rector
Samuel Edwards & Conon Neyghbour, churchwardens
Authorised by:Richard Cocks & Richard Baughe
The certificate has been used for the list of exemptions, as only the first entry survives on the assessment. The certificate describes those certified as 'very poore inhabitants' of the parish.
Mr John Portman burnt for whole year3
Thomas Fist / Thomas Hill3
Widow Hannock1
William Davis2
William Drake1
John Back / John Drake2
Richard Night1
Joan Spary1
Thomas Farmer1
Richard Baugh esq10
Thomas Jeofrys 1 & a forge2
And arrears for forge 1 year1
Hugh Woodward, 2 houses4
Jonathan Wells / John Willis1
Thomas Palmore5
Thomas Millington1
Robert Hiatt2
John Sharpe2
John Woodward2
John Turbervill3
William Turbervill5
Mr Bowe, 2 houses9
Mr Acrige7
Mr Nicholls5
Thomas Best3
Mr Brint/Brunt8
Robert Clarke3
Thomas Steevens1
Mr Baldwin8
Widow Yeock1
Anthony Meryman1
Widow Hancock1
Thomas Palmore3
Timothy Slicer2
Richard Meryman1
William Newman1
William Wale1
Edmund Tustin1
Widow Tustin1
John Best5
John Best junior4
William Horner1
John Hancock1
John Whittell1
Widow Godward1
William George2
Thomas Meryman4
Cullor Nayboure3
John Best2
Abel Price1
Thomas Perry3
Widow Lowe2
Richard Whitmore1
Widow Wale1
Edward Roberts3
Mr Haycock8
Samuel Clarke1
John Gough1
Richard Daws 8 & a forge9
And arrears for forge 1 year1
Giles Tusting2
John June6
William Moore2


John Grimmit1
Thomas Grimmit
Mary Walker
John Davis
Abel Druce
John Cornell
John Hazard
Widow Rickets
Thomas Davis
Richard Jacksons
Anthony Berry
Phillip Baxter
Widow Not
Thomas Cormens
Christopher Parker
Thomas Mariman
John Gough