Upper Tockington

Langley & Swineshead Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 4r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 47v-48r
The 1671 assessment is damaged with only the first entries being clear.
Thomas Smith2
Nicholas Mane/Moone1
Edward Leech/Linch3
Anne Harris2
William Shurman/Sherman4
Widow Perry/Berry4
Nicholas Clarke5
Francis Parminter5
Richard Cheets 1 & forge2
And for his forge arrears 2 years2
William Smith / Mrs Parminter3
Samuel Tovey2
John/Silvester Baker2
Walter Sumers4
Henry Mabson4
John Harding2
Richard Kinge7
Thomas Lowe/Lowle6
John Lowe/Lowle2
James Wathen4
Christopher Yong15
Henry Clarke1
Richard Bower4
Morgan Harcome2
John Austin 3 & 1 forge4
And for forge arrears 2 years2
Thomas Steevens4
William Peasley4
Thomas Hoane4
John Steevens3
Edward Budding3
John Burnell2
Dorothy Woodward3
Henry Parminter7
Thomas Pritchard4
James White3
Thomas Cox3
Widow Draysey1
William Bouton2
Widow Dyer1
Robert Francome3
William Archard5
William Peasley3
Hugh Bishop3
Jonathan Linch1
Thomas Bouton2