Wotton under Edge

Berkeley Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 8r-v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 53r-v
Robert Hoskins, constable
The 1671 assessment has a number of houses noted as void, no distress, which appear to have been omitted in the 1672 assessment. It also includes the Town Hall with 1 hearth. Neither assessment lists anyone exempted by certificate or mentions poor people receiving alms.
Thomas Willett6
Andrew Harper4
Walter Yong4
Richard Burton2
Widow Awood5
Richard Bence5
Edward Nicholls5
William Gorton2
James Bubb9
Thomas Winston6
John Smith 2 & a forge3
And arrears for forge 1 year1
Thomas Wathen3
Jonathan Stiffe4
Thomas Payne2
Rowland Sparrow / Abraham Stiffe3
Joseph Pontine2
Thomas Lockyer2
Nathaniel Derrett 4 & 1 oven5
Margaret Arowsmith, widow6
William Workman5
John Hobbs [1 oven]4
William Peirce / Samuel Leigh3
William Shepherd4
William Payne2
Edward Bird3
Robert Currier/Carier2
Richard Tiler4
John Downing1
Thomas Sanders4
Nathaniel [Sanders] / Margaret Hooke2
Samuel Pontine3
Abraham Nelme3
Jonathan Winde3
William Collins1
William Damsell 2 & a forge3
And arrears for forge 1 year1
William Keiry/Kare [1 oven]4
George Downing1
William Croome2
Samuel Wallington / Richard Leigh4
William Witchell2
Widow/Hugh Wallington3
Francis Jobbins5
Francis Jobbins junior4
Widow Plumer / Widow Lunn & tenant3
Thomas Wickwarr2
John Gale2
Richard Clifford2
John Aldrige1
John Hill3
John Palmore3
Ralph Willett gent8
Widow/Anthony Smith5
Stephen Hunt3
William Chandler3
Edward Michell2
Margery Sanders4
John Denny1
William Yonge2
Jonah Oakes5
Alice Denny5
William Fowles3
Henry Githen/Gittings3
Edward Nelme2
Widow Everett1
Edward/Edmund Rowles2
Daniel Stallerd6
Widow Stallerd2
Stephen/Joseph Horwood2
John Smith6
Widow Freake2
John Wilkins1
Henry Powell2
Robert Coward2
James Turner1
Samuel Wallington2
Abraham Stiffe2
Nathaniel Hiron2
Stephen Wallington1
William Fowles1
William Jacklin3
John Smith4
Nicholas Hoskins5
John Colwell3
Thomas Oakes3
Christopher Jordan1
Elizabeth Yong, widow1
Thomas Daws6
Robert Heskins5
John Arowsmith4
Robert Iles-
Thomas Hicks-
Nicholas Harrold-
Robert Yong-
Mary Trotman5
Robert Daws6
Mary Hiett9
Edward Burton-
Joseph Hughs-
James Bick-
And arrears for a forge-
Edmond/Edward Rowles-
Daniel Baker-
Robert French-
Samuel Lockyer-
Edward Gardner-
Thomas Burton's tenants-
John Hanson-
Giles Clarke-
Isaac Payne-
John Biddle-
Alice Wilkins-
Arthur Crew-
Around 6 lines unreadable on both assessments.
William Crew-
Martha Andrews3
Thomas Hughs3
Thomas Bucher1
William Godsell3
William Osborne5