Berkeley Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 7v-8r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 54v-55r
William Tippetts, constable
As the 1672 assessment is damaged, so that the end of the entry for the town and the beginning of that for the township of Woodmancote are lost, along with part of the list of exemptions. The exemption certificate has been used to supply some of the names lost because of the damage.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/65
Date:17 August 1672
Signed By:Edward Towgood, curate
Norris Phillips & Thomas Phelps, churchwardens
Authorised by:William Ducie & John Smyth
Certificate also signed by Henry Smyth

Dursley Town

John Workman1
John Tucker2
William Partrige4
George Spratt3
Austin Clift3
Mary Godward6
John Olliver 2 & a forge3
And arrears forge 3 half years1
Richard Cooper5
William Tippetts5
Richard Smith2
Richard Tippets4
Richard Lewis4
Anne Wood1
John Purnell8
William Purnell7
John Thurston3
Jacob Wallington2
Widow Hodgis4
Robert Hathway4
William Martine4
Thomas Hill2
Laurence Mayo2
Arthur Crew5
William Smith6
Richard Gale2
John Russell2
Samuel Simonds4
Arthur Godward5
George Davis2
Francis Gale2
Elizabeth Phillips4
John Watkins4
Isaac Hill3
Morice Phillips3
Samuel Atwood1
John Olliver5
Nathaniel Hallis2
John Ireland2
Samuel Purnell2
Thomas Workman1
Joseph Wayman3
John Grove2
Francis Purnell1
Arthur Vizerd3
Daniel Knight3
Thomas Everet4
Elizabeth Webb3
John Prince 2 & forge3
And arrears forge 3 half years1
Richard Cooper1
Thomas Smith2
John Keyce4
Samuel Hodgis4
Hannah Bruton3
John Watkins2
Abraham Willis3
Walter May2
Edward Browning1
Thomas Jobbins2
William Turner1
James Rogers3
Walter Danford2
John [Olliver]-
Richard [Swayne]-
William [Merrick]-
Samuel [Hallis]-
Thomas West-
Edward Workman-
Thomas Yong-
William Luton-
John Caudle paid one half [year]-
Jeremy [Vizerd]-


Joan [Turner]-
Richard Smith-
Charles Smith-
Thomas Perrott-
William Perrott-
Thomas Mercer-
Samuel Higgs1
Walter Ricketts3
Phillip Alderly4
William Atwood1
Mary Adey4
Francis Parke2
Anne Woodward4
Joseph Pully3
Francis Wilny4
John Wayman1
Joseph Adey4
Joan Adey1
Edward Turner2
John Williams3
John Baker5
Thomas Phelps2
Thomas Bayley3
John Tiladam5
Francis Purnell1
William Pick3
Robert Curnock2
Mary Olliver3
Isaac Olliver3
Edward Webb5
Richard Parsloe1
William Browning4
John Purnell3
Henry Smith6
John Arndell7
Robert Collier1
John Tiladam2
Edward Knight2
Samuel Hill2
William Trigg1
Thomas Kinge2


Samuel Went1
Christopher Wish1
Margaret Nash1
Walter Parry2
Samuel Nash1
William Everet1
Arthur Nuth1
Widow Plumer1
Elizabeth Wood1
John Sumers1
Francis Powell2
George Window1
Alice Haynes1
Katherine Frape1
John Smith1
Joan West1
Nathaniel Milwaters1
Alice Milson1
Thomas Adams1
John Davis1
Christopher Pinkett1
Robert Exell1
Thomas Went1
Samuel Nuth1
Giles Webb1
Widow Hancock1
Arthur Isbery1
John Turner1
Christopher Bick1
John Adeane1
Alexander Chrachly1
Richard Milsome1
John Proser1
Thomas Everett1
Thomas Gunnell1
Francis Curtis1
Robert Chamberlin2
Morice Chamberlin1
Joseph Williams1
William Chamberlin1
Widow Chamberlin1
Elizabeth Jobbins1
John Wyman1
Mary Syms1
Edward Bower1
James Brace1
Samuel Belcher1
John Samgar1
William Samgar1
Edward Harris senior & junior2
Robert Perrott1
George Atwood1
Richard Foord1
William Everett1
John Mills1
George Martine1
Mary Hitchin1
Thomas Reeve1
Joseph Moody1
Jonathan Moody1
Richard Hedges1
Margery Adeane1
Edward Hill1
John Workman1
Samuel Howlet1
William Hort1
Humphrey Owen1
Richard Curnock1
John Graywell1
William Parsloe2
Lawrence Tayler1
William Waite1
John Hearth1
George Morgan1
Edward Howlet1
Thomas Hearth1
Samuel Stockwell1
John Phelps1
Walter Turner1
John Read1
John Turner1
John Humfrys1
Widow Reeve1
Phillip Jenkins1
John Dalmore2
Joseph Nash2
William Milman1
Richard Wayman1
John French1
Anthony Watts1
Robert Howlet1
James Thorne1
Widow Whore1
Elizabeth Newarke2
Richard Workman1
Thomas Excell1
Widow Adeane1
Widow Knight1
Henry Jobbins1
Widow Grace1
Richard Hort1
Richard Turner1
Thomas Chapman1
Thomas Sinigar1
Daniel Law1
Alexander Collier1
Nicholas Law1
James English2
John Huggins
Thomas Longdell
Richard Ayers
William Willey
William Willey, son of Issac Willey
Thomas Norman
Thomas Norman junior
Edward Brundell
John Morgan
Thomas Pegler
John Curtis
Edward Parker
John Purnell
Thomas Hickes
Widow Tickell
Widow Roach
Elizabeth Workman1
Richard Bick1
John Howlet1
Deborah Pinket1
William Berry1
Widow Stockwell
Richard Daingefelde
Edward Webb
Sidney Frank
John Wiman senior
Isaac Willey
Robert Parker1
Thomas Keene1