Berkeley Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 5v-6r
Thomas Freeman, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 56r
The numbers of hearths at the beginning of the 1671 assessment and an unknown number of lines in the middle, covering 67 hearths, is lost. Only the beginning of the 1672 assessment, covering 24 hearths survives. If there were exemptions in the 1672 assessment, these too have been lost. No exemption certificate for the 1672 assessment has been identified.
The totals are from the 1671 assessment.
The beginning of the earlier return.
Mr Tompson-
Robert Lane-
Henry Eldridge-
John Eldridge-
Joseph Porter-
Edward Butt-
John Parts2
Walter Parts1
Widow Lane-
John Weaver-
Richard Smith-
The beginning of the later return.
Mr Phipkins4
William Wale3
Mary Jelfe1
Cicely Long2
Nicholas Bayley1
Richard Porter2
John Smith1
Richard Gardner1
Richard Watt2
William Rundle1
Widow Jelfe1
Stephen Alder2
Mary Long3
John Porter-
Edward Davis-
The end of the earlier return.
William Romford1
Thomas Jelfe1
Jane Aspen1
John Smith1
Widd Jelfe1
Joseph Alkerd2
Richard Porter2
Richard Gardner1
Mary Long3
Richard Watts1
Thomas Freeman2
John Eldridge1
Edward Dawson2
John Porter1
Thomas Sloper1
John Tiler1


Thomas Freeman2
Robt Wall1
Rich Jelfe1
George Ranford1
Rich Wall1
John Wall1
Henry Grindle1
John Cooke1
Sarah Nelme1