Lives & Letters

Volume 2, No. 1, Summer 2010

ISSN 2040 - 4395


Diplomats, Agents, Adventurers and Spies: Information Exchange in the Early Modern Period, Robyn Adams


Henrietta Maria, Political Intrigue and Early Modern Diplomacy, Michelle Dobbie

An exploration of the use of diplomatic channels and informal networks by Henrietta Maria in the 1630s.

Intercepting the Burley Letters, Peter Redford

A narrative of intercepted letters and court survelliance, which highlights the important role of secretaries.

Appendix: Letters and Transcriptions from the Burley Manuscript

True Relations: piecing together a family divided by war, Madeline Dewhurst

An examination of the domestic diplomatic relations of the Cavendish family, separated by the aftermath of the civil war.

Death of a Political Informer: Camillo Volta - Roman Agent of Louis de Gonzague Duc de Nevers, Simone Testa

A report on work in progress reconstructing the network of political informers in sixteenth-century Italy.