Lives & Letters

Volume 3, No. 1, Spring 2011

ISSN 2040 - 4395


Footprints in the butter: finding the elephant in the archive, Robyn Adams & Matthew Symonds


How do you know if John Donne has been in your archive? Daniel Starza Smith

An account of the search for the manuscript poetry of John Donne.

The spy who loved me? Familiar letters from Nicholas Faunt to Anthony Bacon, Will Tosh.

An exploration of the one-sided correspondence between two Elizabethan intelligencers.

A letter of travel advice? Literary rhetoric, scholarly counsel and practical instruction in the ars apodemica, Elizabeth Williamson

An assessment of the critical and archival legacy of the early modern letter of travel advice.

 "I haue written to the Queene": the countess of Bedford’s performance of power, Ariel Franklin-Hudson

An exploration of the correspondence of Lucy Russell, countess of Bedford with Sir Dudley Carleton.

John Ray, Martin Lister and taxonomic publication, 1675-91, Daisy Hildyard

The development of taxonomies is explored through the correspondence of two early scientists.

‘Upon reading over the whole of this letter I am sensibly struck’: affectionate networks and schemes for dissenting acadamies, Tessa Whitehouse

A discussion of the role correspondence played in the establishment of the eighteenth-century’s dissenting academies.