Charlton Kings

Cheltenham Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 44v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 15v
Mr Webb, constable
Only the first 18 names in the 1671 assessment and part of the list of exemptions survive.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/55
Date:17 June 1672
Signed By:William Williams
Giles Grevile & Anthony Webb, churchwardens
John Holder & William King, overseers
Authorised by:Edward Rich & Fleetwood Dormer
The certificate included 69 names with two Henry Uzells (senior and junior), one of whom is missing from the final return.
Richard Whithorne4
John Moulder3
Walter Bale1
John Ballenger1
Anthony Webb5
Charles Powell3
Arthur Humphrys1
James Welch2
Robert Keele2
Widow Aston1
Joseph Louces1
William Cherington1
Richard Mansell1
William Welch1
John Durnwell1
Richard Hopper2
Thomas Buckle5
Richard Tayler1
Mr Packer & tenants8
Walter Gothrige4
Widow Mason3
William Dunford1
William Mayor1
Walter Tayler2
Samuel Harris1
Widow Holder2
Widow Mason1
Samuel Clarke1
Mr Grivill4
Samuel Shoul1
Samuel Tither1
John White1
Thomas White1
Mr Ellis3
William Waite1
William Kinge3
John Holder4
Walter Mansell1
Mr Ashmead4
John Gibbins1
Mr Atkins3
Widow Mansell1
Thomas Rooke1
Richard Cole1
Mr Grivill5
Thomas Harding4
Anthony Ward1
Widow Pale2
Mr Duncester5
Samuel Whithorne2
Francis Green2
William Free1
Richard Grindle2
Henry Wick1
Henry Collett3
Widow Marten3
Thomas Gibbins1
Mr Bedell3
Thomas Jeffs4
William Danford1
Mr Webb4
John Batten1
John Johnson demolished whole year1
Widow Crampe3
And for forge arrears 1 year 1
Mr Higgs4
Roger Doudswell1
John Rooke3
Richard Davis2
Thomas Cherington3
Giles Ashmead3
Robert Gardner1
Nicholas Stiles1
Mr Bates10
James Rundle2
John Church demolished whole year 12
Richard Dole1
Phillip Barrows1
Widow Carrier3
Mr Brereton3
Robert Whithorne2
Roger Doulswell3


Amy Ballenger, widow1
Dorothy Savory, widow1
John Birts1
Walter Hooke1
Thomas Mathews1
Roger Probert1
Thomas Thayer1
Bridget Jones, widow2
Alice Jones, widow1
Jane Clevely, widow of Cudnall1
Margaret Pumfry, widow1
Anne Lane, widow1
Jane Ballenger, widow1
Eleanor Mason, widow1
Margaret Teale, widow1
Nicholas Clevely1
Richard Clarke1
William Hawkins1
Henry Read1
William Uzell1
Mary Fisher, widow1
John Denton2
Giles Ballenger1
William Randell1
Robert Belcher1
Stephen Crosley2
William Griffin1
Thomas Portlock1
Richard Randell1
Henry Ricketts1
Margaret Mans, widow1
William Oakely1
Edward Spooner1
Samuel Showell1
William Ballenger1
Francis Ballenger1
Francis Sollers1
Thomas Green1
Robert Green1
Walter Beale1
John Gibbons1
Thomas Rickett1
Mary Clevely, widow of Churchend1
Thomas Dickson1
Thomas Persivall1
Giles Elborow1
Richard Jackson1
Thomas Grevill1
Thomas Pumfry1
William Masey1
John Holder of Ham1
Elizabeth Persivall, widow1
Henry Uzell1
Zachary Harris1
Charles Ireland1
Samuel Clevely1
John Portlock1
Thomas Laurence1
John Clevely1
Thomas Wilkes1
John Cuff1
Richard Whithorne, gent.1
Richard Bayley1
Robert Wilkes1
John Masey1
Richard Cole1
John Tree1
Samuel Dicks1