Cheltenham Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 45r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 16v
William Partrige, constable
The end of the 1671 assessment is lost.
John Jones, rector on the 1672 assessment is presumably a mistake, as he appears as Robert Jones on both the 1671 assessment and the exemption certificate.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/133
Date:12 June 1672
Signed By:Robert Jones, clerk
Walter King, churchwardens
Authorised by:Edward Rich & Fleetwood Dormer
Also signed by Francis Norwood esq. and William Howse & William Ballinger, collectors.
Francis Norwood esq.12
John Cooke4
Thomas Core1
William Howes3
Mr Oliver Partridge4
John/Robert Jones, rector4
Widow Cutfold1
Widow Whole1
Edward Carpenter2
Widow Cooper3
Ralph Crumpe2
William Cherington1
William Glover1
Widow Randle3
William Fluck1
Giles Payne1
Thomas Lambert2
Widow Hall1
Thomas Cherington1
Ralph Rundle2
Walter Kinge1
Thomas Farmer2
Ralph Pumfryes2
William Ballenger1
John Gancey2
John Winchcome2


Thomas Doudswell1
Robert Adams1
John Adams1
Elizabeth Brighter, widow1
Elizabeth Bradford1
Alice Crumpe1