Brightwells Barrow Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 27v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 4v
Henry Smith constable
In the 1671 assessment there were 160 hearths listed, but following the total there were 7 further entries with 17 hearths in all described as 'void' and 'no distress'. It also noted that there were many poor people who received alms and so were omitted in addition to those exempted by certificate. This return separated Mr Loader's hearths into 6 (2 having been demolished) and 4 'for Locks'. In the 1672 assessment The total is corrected to 161 from 166.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/81
Date:7 June 1672
Signed By:Thomas Davis, vicar
John Baily & Richard Dawes, churchwardens
John Ainge, overseers
Authorised by:Edward Bathurst & Henry Powle
The names of 17 people who received alms were omitted from the return.
The exemption certificate included John rather than Anne Cobcott.
Mrs Bathurst12
John Osborne3
Robert Gearing/Goring2
John Nurse2
Edward Barton3
Walter Davis3
Richard Davis in John Coxes5
John Gearing/Garing2
James Person/Pearson3
John Mason3
John Broadman3
Francis Simonds4
Arthur Butcher3
William Cowles1
Robert Kible5
Mr Robert Bathurst3
And for a void house3
William Hulbert7
Francis Pearson2
William Dunn3
Mr Oatridge6
Edward Cooper2
Mr Nobbs8
Thomas Peirce2
Mr Avice10
Ralph Langly3
Mr Davis3
Widow Horton3
Henry Smith3
Mr Loader10
Widow Hinton3
Mr Gray7
John Hall 1 oven2
John Bayley3
John Cox1
John Test3
Thomas Peirce2
Robert/Richard Waite2
Thomas Bayley3
Richard Hutchins2
Thomas Hall3
David Chadwell/Chedwell2
John Morse2
Richard Harpwell/Hartwell3
Mr Pinfold1


John Smith1
Widow Carter1
Francis Mason2
Robert Burton1
Thomas Berry2
Crips his children2
Widow Smith1
David Smith1
Richard Smith1
Thomas Burton2
Thomas Richman/Richmond1
Thomas Timbrell1
Widow Lewce/Lewis2
Widow Sutton1
John Butcher1
Miles Davis1
John Packer1
Alexander Bond1
Richard Fowler1
Richard Gearing2
John Hope1
Edward Hansell1
Richard Berry1
Nicholas Edwards1
Anne Copcott / John Cobcot1
Widow Sanders1
Widow Hathrell1
Nicholas Tuckey1
Thomas Tovey1
Widow Gilham1
Widow Guiting1
Simon Hicks1
Thomas Tovey, smith1
Widow Hall1
Thomas Print / Thomas Spering1
William Temple1
John Timbrell1
Anne Savory1
Thomas Pound1
Widow Francis1
Thomas Collett1
Widow Savory1
Henry Hall1
Widow Haynes1
Widow Hedges1
Andrew Wells1
William Mathews1
Samuel Cowley1
Richard Tovey1