Brightwells Barrow Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 28r
Toby Betterton, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 4v
Toby Betterton, constable
The earlier return, which omitted the forges, gave a total of 144 hearths.
There were 15 people who received alms and were consequently omitted, in addition to those listed as exempted by certificate.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/129
Date:12 June [1672]
Signed By:John Shipman, vicar
Alexander Betterton & Thomas [Camerwicke], churchwardens
William Harbert, John Stokes & Walter Hickes, overseers
Authorised by:Edward Bathurst & Henry Powle
The certificate was signed as including 50 names, although there were only 49 'besides alms people'.
Andrew Barker esq 2 houses24
Mr Oldsworth4
John Stokes1
Henry Newport 1 forge2
Henry Stanley 1 forge5
Walter Nurse/Hurst 1 forge3
Nathaniell Haggs 1 forge5
Toby Betterton3
Mr Shipton/Shipman, clerk2
Mr Barker's mill2
Walter Hicks1
Walter Browne2
Richard Cowley1
John Cripps2
Robert Brown4
Mr Morgan5
Alexander Harbert2
James Collins1
William Luckman2
Mr Betterton8
and a void house1
Richard Comly3
Mr Arden5
Richard Bayley1
Edward Bayley1
Mr Nicholson2
William Harbert4
Robert Humphryes3
Richard Gale3
Thomas Bayley2
Francis Cripps4
William Taylor3
Thomas Browning3
Alexander Betterton9
Thomas Watkins8
William Chandler3
John Church 1 oven2
Widow Price1
Widow Green2
John Hooper1
Robert Wake1
Walter Hinton2
Richard Tew1
Widow Robbinson5
Edward Betterton1
Robert Richins1
Edward Hayward1


William Besatt1
Widow Caylock/Keylocke1
Joseph Yardly/Erley1
Widow Potter1
John Leech1
Widow Caudle1
John Little1
Widow Green2
Widow Acott1
Christopher Caudle1
John Harbert2
Richard Hicks1
William Hicks1
Richard Hicks junior1
Charles Barton/Bourton1
Richard Tayler1
William Keene2
Thomas Barton/Bourton1
Toby Green1
William Hall1
Edward Walklett/Walklate1
John Leech junior1
Edward Harbert1
William Robbinson1
John Tayler1
William Tayler1
Richard Tayler1
Widow Cull1
Edward Cryer1
Thomas Bowles1
Widow Wesbury1
John Morgan1
George Palmore1
Elizabeth Willis1
William Collins1
Thomas Hatherell1
Widow Morse1
Widow Cowley junior1
John Richins2
Nicholas Luckman1
Elizabeth/Christopher Green1
Anthony Tayler1
Widow Cowly senior1
Charles Townsend1
Michael Cripps1
John Scottford1
John Tayler1
Robert Wake1
Thomas Erley1