Whitstone Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 30r-v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 14r
The previous assessment was for 175 hearths. It noted that there were 18 alms people and listed 22 exemptions.
Thomas Smyth esq.11
Mr Hayward4
Thomas Blanch1
Richard Webb3
Daniel Smith2
William Mills7
Mr Andrews2
Abraham Pegler3
Edward Dangerfild2
William Hayward3
Robert Ball3
William Gabb4
Daniel Moore3
Thomas Harmer3
Richard Dangerfild3
Mr William Sandford8
Mr Sparrow5
Samuell Arndell2
Robert Poole4
Edward Keene4
William Willis1
Laurence Dutton2
William Clarke2
James Fowler2
Thomas Smith3
William Plaice2
Samuel Caudle4
William Andrews5
Giles Nash3
William Ally3
Widow Fowler4
Around 6 entries have been lost.
Mr Robson7
Samuel Cornwell2
Thomas Mills3
Bartholomew Gibbs4
Richard Moore1
Nathaniel Fowler5
William Gabb senior2
William Gabb2
Ansell Fowler6
John Elliott2
James Elliott2
Giles Bennett2
Ansell Garner3
Widow Fryer2
Joseph Perry2
William Fowler2
Robert Williams1
Henry Beard2
Samuel Colwell2
Thomas Eldrige2
Edward Veysey2
Richard Cornwell2
Daniel Garner2
Giles Aley2
John Barnard2
Robert Ball2
John Nicholls3
John Gough1
Anne Snow1