Upton St Leonards

Dudstone & King's Barton Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 60v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 33r-v
The beginning of the 1671 assessment is missing. It has been used to supply some names that are worn on the 1672 assessment. The 1671 assessment recorded that there were many poor people who received alms and were therefore omitted, but does not appear to have included a list of exemptions by certificate.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/190
Date:26 March 1672
Signed By:Richard Parsons
William Franks & William Gardner, churchwardens
John Badger & John Rodway, overseers
Authorised by:William Selwyn & Henry Norwood
Mr Morse3
William Gardner1
John Wheler2
John Bennett2
John Churchouse1
Widow Childe1
Thomas Webly3
Mr Morse junior6
Richard Ockwell3
William Garnes2
John Bridgman esq.21
Robert Browne1
Anthony Carter1
Widow Bayley1
John Nurse2
Widow Burnford3
Giles Spencer1
Richard Lye2
Widow Melton1
Richard Ockwell6
Thomas Smith1
Richard Churles1
Thomas Grimes1
William Browne1
Thomas Loveday1
Edmund Ridale1
Robert Nelmes2
Thomas Townsend1
William Bennett1
Edward Page1
Anthony Carter2
Robert Bosely1
William Davis4
James Cole1
Joseph Powell1
Mr Atkins5
Thomas Ricks1
Sarah Cudd1
Thomas Woodcock3
Matthew Webb3
William Frankes4
William Crowday3
William Rodway3
William Woodcock3
Thomas Turner2
Giles Nurse1
Michael Bingle3
Widow Atkins2
Thomas Woodcock1
William Bodman2
Jasper Davis1
John Bumford2
William Bond1
William Feild3
John Ingle1
John Fluck1
Mary Messenger1
John Townsend1
Nicholas Mathews2
William Davis1
Michael Lander1
William Terrett4
Robert Duck1
Widow Hornige2
Richard Bick1
William Cradock2
Edward Baker1
Richard Cooper2
Walter Cradock1
William Acton3
James Evans2
William Gibbs1
John Rodway12
Widow Bingle7
Henry Rider1
John Badger3
Giles Merrett1
Widow Deuxwell2
Thomas Maule1


John Charles1
Thomas Grimes junior1
Joseph Bissell1
Thomas Lye1
Mary Grimes, widow1
John Perry1
Phillip Wall1
Abigail Perry, widow1
Mark Brown1
Richard Cudd1
Richard Gill1
Joseph Nurse1
Ann Window1
Robert Davis for Addems house1
Henry Atkins1
Ann Edwards, widow1
John Cullice1
Nathaniel Simonds1
Edith Taylor, widow1
Richard Allen1
William Piths1
Edward Ruddell senior1
John Smith1
Thomas Woodcock, carpenter1
Thomas Peach1
William Stall1