1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 30r, 60v
George Watkins, constable (Whitstone)
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 14v, 33v
George Watkins, constable (Whitstone)
Part of Harescombe was a tithing within the parish of Haresfield. The 1671 assessment for the tithing had a total of 45 hearths. In addition to the 3 extra hearths for Silvanus Wood esq., there was William Crew (7) rather than William Selwin (2).

Dudstone & King's Barton Hundred

Francis Warren1
Widow Harris1
Mr Roberts5
Widow Bond1
Richard Lewis3
William Jones3
Richard Chamberlin1
John Ravenhall1
Mr Hoston2
Phillip Chamberline2
Richard Harris2
Edmund Steevens4
Mr Wood5
Mr Michell / Mrs Floyd7

Whitstone Hundred

Mr James Michell15
Silvanus Wood esq, 3 demolished for the whole year2
Thomas Russell1
Michell Chew2
Thomas Browning1
William Davis3
William Jenner/Genner2
Edward Yong1
Jasper Clutterbuck3
John Clutterbuck2
Samuel Gayner2
George Watkins2
William Selwin2