Botloe Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 20r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 35r-v
John Clarke, constable
The 1671 assessment recorded 377 hearths, plus 9 destroyed by fire and John Hough (3) void, no distress. It also included 126 exemptions by certificate.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/140
Date:20 May 1672
Signed By:Thomas Jackson, vicar
Miles Beale, churchwardens
George Willems & John Pitt + William Skymore (for the town), overseers
Authorised by:Thomas Howe & Duncombe Colchester
The certificate separates out the town and the outlying districts, which were conflated on the return. The totals for each area were: Town (65), Compton (11), Cugley (16), Kilcot (9), Boulsdon (5) and Malswick (6).
At the end of the certificate list there is the note: 'These following being poore are as we suppose to be exempted', followed by the names of John Bond and Robert Kew. It is not clear whether these names belong to the town or one of the outlying settlements.
John Cooke1
Thomas Skinner3
William White3
John Godfry1
Edward Tayler2
Thomas Bullock2
William Cole1
Mr Jackman6
Thomas Boy3
Humphrey Jones4
Stephen Jones4
James Hill1
Edward Hooke4
Edward Bower2
Edward Clarke3
William Gatfeild5
John Tucker1
Thomas Adice1
Samuel Plane3
Mr Nurse8
John Corstone2
Mr Green3
Matthew Aston1
John Hayward3
Thomas Bower2
Abraham Morse3
Mr Beale9
Abraham Cole1
Widow Eaton2
Edward Hale/Hall1
Widow Mayo3
Samuel Hope6
Arthur Pitt3
William Nutt2
Mr Hooke7
William Wall2
Thomas Brookes2
Mr Adams2
Mr Shepherd2
Arthur Meeke1
Giles Lingenholt3
Mr Arbin/Arden2
Mr Nelme3
Mr Yardley2
Richard Draper5
Mr Pensfoot junior2
Mr Hubbert6
Richard Jones3
Thomas Sandy1
William Wood3
John Sewell1
Mr Skinner5
Thomas Advice/Adis1
John Stone1
John Stephens1
Charles Morgan2
Mr Willliam Roberts2
John Carer/Carrier3
John Wadley1
John Hilman3
Anthony Adams2
Thomas Basling1
Mr Spinner/Spencer7
Thomas Skinner2
Mr Dobbins6
Giles Loringe1
Thomas Hooke1
Mr Wale5
John Niblett2
Johm James1
William Wallis2
John Clarke2
Mr Pansfoot7
John Proser2
John Lane1
George Williams4
Sir Edmund Bray7
Mr Coucher3
Gromb Pansfoot3
John Cox2
John Hill1
Cleeves Mill1
Phillip Clarke2
John Pye2
William Haper2
William Banches2
Thomas Edward1
John Walforge1
John Bully2
Thomas Reade1
John Elmes2
John Warner2
William Cole4
Mr Skinner6
William Lightfoot4
William Payne1
William Parliament1
Nicholas Bower3
Richard Jones2
John Bridges1
Samuel Hope2
William Marten3
John Bridges senior2
John Bubb1
John Davis2
John Wadley1
John Hilman3
Anthony Adams2
Thomas Bosely1
Arthur Baldwin1
John Peirce1
Mr Woodward8
Mr Thomas Woodward5
Mr Ashmead3
John Cole3
Henry Hartland2
Thomas Turner1
William Morse1
Richard Penell2
Widow Pitt1
Richard Williams1
John Wadley1
John Colwell1
John White2
John Skinner1
John Bucker/Bucher3
Joseph Jones1
George Hill1
Widow Hooke2
Mr Sutton2
Thomas Holder1
Mr Brayne6
Thomas Houlder1
Thomas Hall1
Mr Smith1
William Morgan1
Peter Hopkins2
Thomas Hill1
Thomas Pitt/Pett1
Sarah Dobbs / George Hobbs2
William Wing/Wingett1
John Ashley2
William Hill1
John Selman1
John Hopkins1
John Bradford6
John Godsaw/Godsell4
John Perris/Peirce1
Mr Rogers7
John Walker1
John Clarke1
James Rider1
Richard Foord1
William Bridges3
William Smadell2
John Hopkins1
Richard Cutt2
Randell Davis1
John Niblett3
John Burnell1
John Bond1
John Clarke2
James Wingod2
Edward Box 1 oven4
John Wall4
And for his forge arrears 1 year1
John Bradford3
And for his forge arrears 1 year1
William Mason1


Elizabeth Prigoll1
John Rose1
Thomas Read1
Widow Clarke1
Widow Aston1
George Morgan1
John Carrier1
Benjamin Beare1
Bridgett Hooper1
Richard Beard1
James Arnold1
John Wood1
Widow Elton1
James Weale1
William Hayward2
Richard Elton, labourer1
Giles Lingenford1
Robert Upton1
Widow James2
John Mayo1
Richard Elton1
John Burley1
Widow Bullock1
Richard Godsaw1
Thomas Wright1
Richard Bower1
John Stratford1
William Cooke1
Widow & Ruth Hooke2
Widow Cole1
John Proser1
Widow Browne1
John Stone1
William Gatfeild1
Widow Morse1
Thomas Wheler1
William Cooke1
John Tucker1
Eleanor James1
Elizabeth Clarke1
William Wright1
Edward Hopkins1
Thomas Carpenter senior & junior2
John Elsmore1
William Cowmead1
William Wheler1
John Cooke1
Widow Saunders1
Thomas Hooke1
Joan Edwards1
Peter Edwards1
Thomas Pullin1
Widow Andrews1
William Adams1
Abraham Cole1
Thomas Turner1
James Talley1
Richard Turbervill1
William Skinner1
Elizabeth George1
William Carrier1
Thomas Cuff1
John Edwards1
William Wheeler, glover1
Thomas Elton1
John Taylor1
Thomas Smith1
Thomas Price1
James Niblett1
John Forster1
William Barnes1
Grimb Rone1
Widow Holder1
John Turner1
Widow Morrell1
Widow Timbler1
Thomas Perrin1
Gabriel Coulston1
William Payne1
John Mills1
Thomas Cowles1
John Trapp1
Martin Hill1
William Hill1
Widow Hawkins1
Edward Astley1
William Warren1
Widow Huggins1
John Astley1
Christopher Poydras1
John Selman/Smalman1
John Knowles1
Jane Hope1
Arnold Webb1
Edward Cowmead1
Widow Nightingall1
John Elsmore1
William Pipperd1
John Pipperd1
Joan Webb1
Anne Cowmead1
Walter Bayley1
James Hammond1
John Sandy1
Francis Nott1
Widow Davis1
John Dally1
John Vaughan1
Henry Greenway1
John Quarrell1
Widow Packwood1
John Cayce1
John Bond1
Robert Cew/Kew1