Botloe Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 19v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 35v-36r
John Stallerd, constable
The extensive damage to the 1671 assessment and the different order make any comparison difficult. The 1671 assessment assessed 229 hearths with James Hayward(3) and Dorothy Howletts(6) being void, no distress. The total for the exemptions is lost.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/141
Date:7 November 1672
Signed By:Grindall Wilson, vicar
Thomas Weale & William Wilse, churchwardens
Authorised by:Thomas Howe & John Holmes
The certificate is handwritten, rather than being on a printed form. There are 70 names on the certificate, but Richard Miles does not appear on the return. Two names are different between the certificate and the return.
Widow Clarke2
Thomas Clarke1
John Barker1
Thomas Murrell2
Henry Burch1
John Burley1
John Oakey1
Joseph Packer1
Richard Burrow1
Lambert Probin1
John Holms esq.7
Edward Exton1
Joseph Hill2
James Harris1
John Taylor, 2 houses5
Anthony Fowles1
Anthony Baldwin5
John Apperly1
William Gammon3
Mr Burgis6
John Ward3
10 lines too faded to read.
Mr Hodgis5
Mr Came, 1 demolished2
Phillip Robinson2
And for his forge1
Mr Welch2
James Howen3
Dorothy Howle1
William Lovige1
Widow Harwick3
William Hall3
Joseph Green1
Thomas Weale4
Thomas Floyd1
Mr Graw5
Mr Wood5
Widow Sison1
Humphrey Cop1
John Hawkins3
Thomas Spilman2
John Giles5
Thomas Vaughn1
Richard Neale6
John Powell1
James Copp1
William Wall10
Randell Morse1
John Wood1
Henry Beale2
John Morrice1
Mr Camm8
John Hancox1
Francis Webly3
Thomas Mill1
Henry Burne1
John Shayle5
William Hatton1
John White3
Widow Phelps1
Thomas White1
Widow Taynton1
Thomas Hall1
Mr Wimote7
Mr Willis5
John Daw1
Mrs Winter9
Thomas Hill3
Mr Baldwin4
John Loverige2
Mr Willon4
Serjeant Sice13
William Wall2
Guy Winnett1
Samuel Robbins1
William Tayler1
William Tayler senior1
Richard Murrell1
Widow Hill1
Widow Hunt1
John White3
Widow Shibin1
John Farmer1
John Hall6
And for Gamige Hall4
William Loverne1
John Burch1
William Good1
Thomas Winett1
William Skinner1
Thomas Bullock1
John Hill6
William Edwards1
William Winnett1
John Stallerd2
Thomas Gammon1
John Wimboll1


Richard Hodgis1
William Baylis1
Milberrow Wingood, widow1
William Smith1
John Sice1
Eleanor Meare, widow1
Richard Shaw1
Anne Morgan, widow1
John Pewters1
James Burley junior1
Richard Reding1
Elizabeth Hodgis, widow1
John Conway1
Mary Davis1
Anne Wingod, widow1
Widow Davis / Sarah Hancox, widow1
Frances Birch, widow1
Thomas Pewters1
Edward Baldwin1
Edward Clarke1
Richard Nipond1
Widow Wheler1
John Hill1
James Burley, senior1
John Cooke/Cooper1
John Palmore1
John Morton1
Robert Pellin/Wellen1
Lewis Price1
John Apperly1
Isabel Yeels/Eyles, widow1
William Morse1
John Hayward1
Mary Hunt, widow1
Thomas Noakes1
Margaret Gwillams, widow1
Richard Hering1
Thomas Hinkes1
William Weaver1
William Hancox1
Abigail Skinner1
William Miles1
Thomas Addice1
William Cole / Elizabeth Cole, widow1
William Shayle1
William Gower1
Richard Lovige1
William Unett1
John Millerd1
William Wilton1
William Mason1
James Smith1
Elizabeth Cox/Cooper, widow1
John Sherman1
John Smith1
Elizabeth Smith, widow1
John Wingod1
John Cox/Cooper, junior1
Anne Simms, widow1
John Shayle1
Richard Mason1
John Cole1
James Ingram1
Edward Davis1
Mary Horne, widow1
Thomas Pew1
Thomas Pember1
Frances Crumpe, widow1
George Hill1