Duchy of Lancaster Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 18r
Richard Wintle, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 36v-37r
Walter Webb, constable
Little of the 1671 assessment survives in a readable condition.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/177
Date:13 June 1672
Signed By:George Ditton, vicar
William Reade & Robert Watkins, churchwardens
Authorised by:William Selwyn & Duncombe Colchester
Four names were deleted from the certificate before it was signed by the justices. The final 4 names were listed in the certificate under the sub-heading Miles House.
Widow Butler2
Samuel Long3
Anne Bird1
Alice Caudle2
Mr Nurse3
Widow Fowle2
Clement Day1
Mr Ditton2
Thomas Dobbs1
William Dayes3
John Wintle2
Mr Masters5
Lewis Ocker1
Richard Wintle2
William Haynes1
James Marshall1
Richard Bayley1
Thomas Read2
Widow Ofley1
John Knight2
Robert Watkins3
Thomas Burge2
Widow Well4
William Haynes2
Richard Turrell2
John Read1
Widow Lugg1
Edward Hall1
Thomas Read1
John Read1
Widow Lugg1
John Ledge1
John Wintle1
John Stephens2
Edward Fowle3
Daniel Marshall1
William Read1
Thomas Daw1
William Badley1
James Vaughn1
William Jones1
John Ardell1
Thomas Jones1
Mr Hayes3
John Nelmes2
Richard Davis2
Richard Barloe3
Mr Hodgis2
Mr Burt1
Edward Sarjant4
John & Richard Phelps2
John Neale3
John Welch2
Richard Long2
Thomas Daw2
Alice Hodges1
Thomas Daw3
Thomas Turner1
Widow Marten1
Walter Webb2
Izerd Ockford1
John Leage1
Edward Hale1
Richard Hill1
William Hamms1
Thomas Bergham2
And for his forge1


Widow Marshall1
Thomas Lodge1
Widow Price1
John Chowle1
Edmund & Thomas Harris1
Widow Bordler1
John Hartland1
John Dorothy1
Thomas Packer1
William Pidstoe1
John Powell1
Margery Dobbs1
Widow Batson1
Sarah & Thomas Shaw2
Widow Adamson1
Widow Hamms1
Widow Pluitt1
Widow Elsmore1
John Harbert1
Widow Bunn1
George Munnoe1
Christopher Pluitt1
Giles Cooke1
Thomas Daw of Hopes Wood1
Richard Dobbs1
Clement Daw1
William Gunter1
Nicholas Malson1
Thomas Turner1
Mary Browne1
James Crows1
Mary Nash1
James Bower1
Simon & Widow Pidstow2
Richard Turner1
Thomas Jones1
Widow Nurton1
Henry Badcock1
Richard Lewis1
John Vaughn1
John Turner1
Widow Mason1
John Arthurs1
Charles Marshall1
Elizabeth Jones1
William Bower1
Widow Bower1
James Dobbs1