St Briavels Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 23r-v
John Little, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 37v
Thomas Jones, constable
The previous assessment, which included 146 hearths and 20 exemptions, is badly damaged. There is a damaged statement concerning the many poor people omitted because they received alms. This presumably explains the difference in the number of exemptions from the 1672 assessment.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/160
Date:31 July 1672
Signed By:Richard Stringer, rector
George Bower, churchwardens
Morgan Workman, overseers
Authorised by:Thomas Howes & Duncombe Colchester
There are 5 names crossed through, with a comment that they are very poor but being under one roof are liable to assessment.
Endorsed on reverse: 'Tenants are very poore. Likewise Anne Parker se[nior] widow and Anne Griffith widow under one roofe - very poore people yet the whole house above value. Thomas Beale above value - a very poor man. The Clarke of the parish his house wherein he now liveth two Romes belonging to the Church far under value and payes no rent at all, heretofore ruinous and inhabitable, till lately repayred by the Minister for that use. Mary Merry a poor widow in the same condition with the tenements under one roofe. All this we testify to be the truth, according to our knowledge and beleife.'
Thomas Parker1
William Griffeth2
Henry Gem1
Thomas Pope2
Edward Little1
Widow Parker2
Edward Hiett2
Thomas Osburne2
Edward Dicks2
Joan Dicks1
Robert Howes1
Thomas Buckler2
Morgan Workman8
Mr Nash4
Mr Machin4
John Little2
Edward Grine1
John Little 1 oven3
Mr Skinner6
Anne Cooper1
William Michell1
William Rider5
John Hiett2
William Mick1
John Knowles1
William Winnett3
Nicholas Morse6
Widow Parry2
Edward Morse3
William Shott3
Edward Hitchins3
James Robbins5
Walter Rudge2
Widow Lane2
Edward Sarjant2
Francis Gallett2
Daniel Plott1
Henry Batson1
William Trigg1
Richard Hart2
William Dicks2
Richard Clarke2
William Pullin2
Thomas Bosom4
William Jones1
Christopher Hathway1
Widow Parker2
James Robbins2
Mr Peach2
George Fryer3
Edward Partrige1
William Lewis1
Edward Hopkins3
William Parker2
William Michell1
Thomas Jones4
Edward Partrige4
William Culey1
William Culey junior1
Widow Dowle4
Widow Welsted2
Edward Spine1
Mr Stringer4
Anne Cooper1
Charles Morgan2
Richard Worrell1
Morgan Workman2
Richard Jones1
And for his forge2


George Lewis1
William Reece1
Henry Hanis1
Susan Winell1
Edward Green1
John Musto1
Matthew Baynard1
John Bidle1
John Wood1
Mary Greenway1
John Wallen1
Elizabeth Harris1
Joseph Pitchard1
Mark Mumfryes1
Hugh Davis1
Mary Vaughn1
Thomas Clarke1
Joan Williams1
Thomas Lugg1
Katharine Partrige1
Anne Dangary/Pengry1
Matthew Mayne1
Mary Gingery1
John Matthews senior & junior2
William Morgan1
Joseph Harding1
William Michell1
Thomas Harbert1
Thomas Buckers1
Elizabeth Hutchins1
Widow Cooper1
Margaret Trouton1
Joan Knight1
Mary Horne1
Richard Worrell1
William Worrell1
Katharine Watkins1
John Lane1
Joan Stone1
Adam Clarke1
Mary Meeke1
Thomas Andman1
Elizabeth Powell1
Alice Pengry1
Richard Humfrys1
John Harris1
Anne Vaughn1
Widow Richards1
Henry Baker1
Mary Hoggens1