St Briavel's

St Briavels Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 22v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 38v-39r
Richard Green, constable
All the names from the 1671 assessment survive, but some of the hearths are lost to a hole and the list of exemptions is incomplete.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/158
Date:14 August 1672
Signed By:Edward Jones
Authorised by:Thomas Howes & William Morgan
Signed by William Withinberry, status not given.
Endorsed on reverse: 'Sir these are to certifie you that I was at Mr Morgans and he is gone to Ludloe soe in hast I rest your faithfull servant this you shall have by Richard Greeme'.
Edward Jones, clerk7
Mr/Mrs Gough3
John Smith4
John Hay1
George Fox2
John Colston5
Christopher Blunt1
George Beven2
Edward Morgan2
Mrs James8
Mr Ricketts3
Richard Tiler4
Simon Wood1
Thomas Terrett2
Thomas Dale2
William Carpenter5
Richard Kinge3
Richard Pritchard3
Thomas Veel4
John Barrow3
Robert James2
Mr James1
And for his forge1
William Hopkins4
Thomas Kinge3
Henry Kinge2
William Brabon3
John Griffeth5
William Ball4
Henry Worgan2
Alexander Thorne8
John Tayler2
Charles Teague2
Thomas Marten2
Sir William Catchmy7
George Lewis1
John Blunt2
William Morgan2
Kiddin Heskins4
Alex Thorne3
Thomas Morgan3
William Whitingborow2
Thomas Perkins4
Mr William Gough7
Thomas Bluck1


Jane Dale, widow2
Widow Moulton1
William Smith1
Richard Williams1
Humphrey Williams1
Thomas Huling1
Katharine Perrett1
Michael Gourdy1
Alice Driver1
Richard James1
William Underwood1
Elizabeth Huling1
William Hathway1
John Morgan1
Elizabeth Jones1
Jane Griffeth1
William Griffeth1
William Jones1
John Rose1
William Wensloe1
Richard Green1
John Keycott1
William Ploughman1
Katherine Jones1
John Phillips1
William Evans1
Thomas Simonds1
Thomas Grindon1
Thomas Richards1
Thomas Webb1
Thomas Webb junior1
Phillip Taylor1
Francis Rawlins1
Richard Driver1
Widow Haynes1
Morgan Cutt1
Matthew Tiler1
Ollife Loofe1
William Phipps1
Elizabeth Licock1
Walter Tayler1
James Ham1
William Phipps1