Lea Bailey

St Briavels Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 24r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 39r
There are two holes, but much of the 1671 assessment, which was for 49 hearths and 6 exemptions, survives.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/153
Date:7 August 1672
Signed By:Thomas Buckley, vicar
James Bridgman, churchwardens
John Croose, overseers
Authorised by:Duncombe Colchester & William Morgan
Mr Walton5
John Voyce1
And for a forge1
John Jones1
Mr Garway2
Mr Floyd4
Widow Garway1
Robert Ferry1
John Russell1
Roger Meere1
Walter Godsell1
Thomas Harwick1
John Jackson1
Mr Bridgman5
Thomas Beech1
Richard Bridge1
William Hall1
Widow Bower1
Howell Williams1
Widow Morse1
Thomas Voyce1
Richard Millerd1
Richard Collins1
Mary Aunell1
Robert Jeft1
William Phelps1
Mr Stallerd3
John Meeke1
Edward Collins1
William Phelps1
Thomas Rudge1
William Bedoe1
John Smith1
John Tower1
Robert Henny1
William Morse1
William Bower1
John Collins1


Howell Williams1
Widow Daniell1
Widow Morris1
Thomas Taylor1
Widow Cooper1