Bledsloe Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 18v-19r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 39v-40r
Thomas Barrow, constable
Only the first entries on the 1671 assessment for Lydney parish survive, while the number of hearths for many of the Allaston entries are lost to damage. The 1671 assessment for Purton had a total of 28 hearths, with neither Thomas nor William Dunning appearing.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/151
Date:8 July 1672
Signed By:Edward Jones
John Crumpe & William Lugge, churchwardens
Anthony King, overseers
Authorised by:John Smyth & William Morgan
Although concatenated into one on the return, the certificate separates the list by tithing.
The certificate was signed as containing 49 names. An additional name (William Getteing) was subsequently added by the overseer of the poor, but not included in the return.


William Winter esq.14
Mr/Mrs Goodwin4
John Edwards6
Mr Nicholson, clerk / Mrs Nicholson2
Robert Edey3
And for his forge1
Richard Adrian/Adeane2
Robert Templer2
Samuel Shallow/Shaw1
David Morgan1
Joan Ellis2
Richard Fowle4
William Edey2
And for his forge1
Thomas Worrall2
Dorothy Bower3
Thomas Downing3
Richard Gills2
Anthony Kinge4
Mr Hadington3


Nicholas Smith1
Henry Drew1
Elizabeth Poole1
Dorothy Fowle1
Widow James1
James/Joan Howell1
John & Richard Rogers2
William Wensman1
William Charnock1
Mary Harvey1
John Holiday1
John Scott1
Anne Lewis1
James Pelly1
William Thomas1

Allaston & Nass

Giles Watts3
Widow Crumpe, 2 houses5
Thomas Birt4
Widow Warrent2
Christopher Winter3
Roger Harwood2
Widow James / Thomas James esq.11
William Morgan esq.13
Mr Curnock / Mrs Charnock6
Widow Duffeild2
Richard Green3
Thomas Marshall2
William Lugg3
Mr/Mrs Worrall4
George Ayland2
John Ellis2
Richard Clowitt/Cheivett2
Anthony Kinge1
Charles Jones esq., 2 demolished9
Thomas Mansell2
Richard Smith2
John Crumpe3
Charles Jones esq. tenants2


Richard Frewen1
Thomas Marshall1
Hugh Caise1
Richard Caise1
Elizabeth Parker/Barker1
Widow Pritchard1
Mary Sewell1
William White1
Thomas White1
Anthony Legg1
Anne Deane, widow1
Elizabeth Deane, widow1
Margaret James1

Purton Tithing

Mr William Dunning6
Mr Thomas Dunning4
William Hall2
Mr William Dunning3
William Broben / William Bird2
George Dunning1
Mr Dunning Parsonage3
Edward Hunter4
Mr Thomas Browne5
Roger Harwood / John Taite3
Thomas Berrow1
Widow Webb1


Lewis Sundman1
Anne Hinder1
Widow White1
Widow Fox1
Widow Baker1
Henry James1
John Whitchurch1
John Padwell1
Widow Morgan1
Roger Bayley1
John Baker1
John Tappe1
William Dunn1
Elizabeth Smith1
William Smith1
George Mann1
Henry Davis1
John Read1
John Turner1
Mary Harvey1