Westbury Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 21v-22r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 40v-42v
Joseph Wintle, constable
Richard Wintle, tithingman (Rodley)
John Morrice, constable (Cleeve & Abscott)
There is extensive damage to the 1671 assessment.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/195
Date:1 July 1672
Signed By:John Hulitt, vicar
Thomas Wintle & Joseph Wintle, churchwardens
Abraham Edwards, Thomas Housted & John Tykells, overseers
Authorised by:Duncombe Colchester & William Morgan
There are discrepancies between the allocation of names on the return and the certificate. It includes William Powell under Westbury town, who does not appear on the assessment.

Westbury town

Captain Colchester/Duncombe Colchester esq.11
Thomas Crumpe3
William Stade4
Mr Michell3
William Peate3
John Coulson1
John Bellomy4
Widow Atkins3
Mr Farmer5
Joseph Wintle2
Thomas Steward1
Humphrey Masters 3 & forge4
And arrears for forge 1 years1
Widow Bellomy1
John Hulett, vicar4
John Badger5


Anne Bellomy1
Widow Powell1
John Powell1
Roger Hall1
Thomas Hardwick1

Nether Ley

Widow Woodhouse1
Robert Steevens1
Abraham Edmonds3
John Green2
Charles Woodhouse1
William Sanders1
William Sanders3
Thomas Draper1
Richard Green1
John Gough4
John Bushell1
Thomas Bash1
George Crumpe1
Mrs French / Mr Finch4
William Richardson2
Thomas Taylor2
Margaret Titon3
Thomas Davis3
Thomas Woodhouse2
And arrears for a forge one year1


Anne Moore, widow1
John Fleming1
Mark Powell1
Robert Housted1
Daniel Williams1
Robert Selwin1

Upper Ley

Richard Woodhouse2
Thomas Knight4
William Bathen1
Richard Codly2
William Ayles3
George Rince1
John Alway/Aylway3
Widow Alway/Aylway1
Walter Brock/Brooke1
Widow Bellomy1
Mr/Mrs Clarke3
Richard --4
Thomas --1
Widow Holsted1
John Hopkins1
Mr Yong8
Joseph Hooper3
John Mason1
Thomas Holsted1


Elizabeth Mafill1
Margaret Batherne1
John Adams1

Cleeve & Abscott

Roger Houlder4
Richard Davis1
John Watts1
Richard Stoker2
Joseph Williams1
Mrs Trigg5
John Mason4
William Wintle4
Widow/William Bellomy, 2 houses6
Margaret Bussard2
Thomas Steward1
Mr Elberton4
Alice Yong2
Richard Besing4
Mr May4
James Bass1
Mr Yong2
Mary Carpenter-
Thomas Browne-
Robert Peirson-
John Morris-
John Shepherd-
Thomas Gilford4
Thomas Hardwick1
Barnard Goodwin1
Widow Shepherd3
Thomas Davis1


John Man1
Robert Newton1
Elizabeth Hampton1
Thomas Fisher1
John Wintle1


Robert Gifild1
Hugh Jones1
William Benett2
William Yong2
John Fluck1
Widow Yong4
Mr Rogers3
Joseph Caudle2
John Phillips1
John Tayler1
Thomas Holsted1
Widow Kent1
Mandrake Warner1
John Cooke4
George Man3
Mr Arnell6
William Holsted2


William Wintle1
Henry Hausted1
Henry Millerd1
Edward Halerd1
John Moore1
Anne Houslip1
Mary Hawker1
Sarah Wintle, widow1
Edward Hartland1
Dorothy Hooper1
Widow Humpfrys1
Mary Toms1
Widow Wood1
Widow Cozens1
Joseph Bucher1
John North1
Widow Bellomy1
Thomas Wools1
Thomas Packer1
Widow Hodges1
Widow Rider1
Emanuel Cobb1


Stephen Mason3
Richard Crumpe2
Phillip Steevens-
Widow Chinn1
Richard Alway-
Robert Collins-
Robert Bullock-
John Mason-
Thomas Barnard-
John Tayler-
Thomas Sanders5
John Alway1
John Cozens2
Robert Steevens2
John Daniell3
Widow Crump1
John Torrell1
Mr Pledwell, 2 houses6
John Newton3
Henry Vintell2
James Steevens2
Sarah Crumpe3
Robert Morrent2
Thomas Crumpe4
James Wintle2
Henry Wasward1
James Shiphons1
John Wintle3
Joseph Elverton4
Richard Wintle1
Thomas Mason1
John Walkley2
Richard Warrent2


Zachary Wintle1
John Malson, carpenter1
John Dudly1
James Daniell1
John Wood1
Thomas Barnard1
Deborah Alway1
Jane Daniell1
Robert Collins1
William Jaynes1
John Watkins1
George Wintle1
Anne Wakely1
Elizabeth Daniell1
John Wallis1
Zachary Crumpe1
Sarah Hiett1
John Parsons1

Elton & Blackmore Hall

John Sanders1
William Barber1
John Fiford1
William Felps3
Thomas Palmore1
Richard Phillips3
Joseph Hunt3
Simon Punting1
Richard Curnock4
Joseph Bass1
John Bayley1
John Houlden1
Thomas Southrington1
Christopher Cooke3
Richard Haynes1
Francis Lauder3
George Bellomy1
William Susings1
Christopher Plaister1
Anthony Tayler2
Jeremy Hiett6
John Elberton3
Richard Wools2
Thomas Hale1
George Wintle1
Joseph Browne1
John Smith2
William Grening1
Thomas Wintle1
Giles Clifford1
Thomas Packer3
John Lauder1
Thomas Dubberly1
Henry Clarke1
John Rider 1 forge for 4 half years2
Mr Elberton5
John Hampton2
Francis Brabant1
William Jussings1
Widow Preet newly erected paid one half year1


Phillip Morgan1
William Wintle1
James Borden1
Richard Spencer1
Morgan Jones1
Joseph Baker1
Widow Buntin1
Thomas Davis1
Anthony Palmore1
Joseph Fowle1
Widow Plaisterer2
Joseph Rider1
William Wools1
Widow Packer1
Anne Skelton1
Daniel Packer1
Francis Boothe1
Widow Marshall1
Widow Rowland1
Widow Kite1
Thomas Wool1
Mary Marshall1
Roger Canter1
John Ham1
Widow Aplin1

Chaxhill & Bollow

William Boss2
Francis Drew1
Robert Crumpe1
Henry Yong1
Leonard Edwards3
John Sandy1
Joseph Freeman2
John Freeman2
Thomas Coley1
Widow Mason3
Richard Corner1
Christopher Bellermy3
Henry Brewers3
Thomas Smith2
James Hodgate3
Thomas Yong3
John Stanton1
Francis Dowers2
Widow Cowley2