Westbury Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 21r-v
Anthony Garner, constablle
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 41r
John Bond, constable
Only the beginning and end of the 1671 assessment survive and they are damaged. The 1671 assessment included 155 hearths and 17 exemptions.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/73
Date:9 July 1672
Signed By:Thomas Babb
John Aram & Richard Taylor, churchwardens
William Wheler & William Eyers, overseers
Authorised by:William Morgan & Thomas Smyth
Two names (Richard Powell and Margaret [Lipton], widow) have been crossed off the certificate before it was signed by the magistrates.
The repetition of Anne Williams on the return appears to be a mistake.
Hester Bedomy appears on the certificate as Henry Bellamy.
Walter Jones3
Thomas Trigg3
Mrs Trigg2
George Wintle3
Widow Evans3
Anthony Gardner2
John Browne4
William Rowles5
Mr Hill6
Walter Biby3
Henry James2
Widow Perrin2
William Hawkins4
John Jeofrys3
Thomas Wilcox1
George Trigg2
John Mayne1
John Bruser2
John Persivall2
Richard Nott3
William Williams1
George Gainfill2
Thomas Chinn3
Widow Bigg1
William Hicks4
Mr Babb4
Robert Howell3
Thomas Howell2
Widow Hopkins2
Widow Persivall2
[James Hill]4
Widow Jenkins2
Thomas Trigg3
Thomas Kidly3
Stephen Wilcox4
William Whiting1
Mr Combling3
Mr Legory2
Thomas Tiler1
Thomas Fry4
William Neale2
John Badwin1
Widow Hunt3
Abraham Bruser3
James Jeofrys8
John Evans1
Mary Wilcox1
George Olliver1
John Wools4
Widow Jones2
Francis Haley4
John Elmes3
John Arome7
Grace Green1
Vincent Peirsen2
Thomas Smith3
Stephen Wilcox5
John Tiler1
John Wilcox2
John Bond3
Christopher Hawkins4
Mrs Rawlins5
Thomas Nash1


Joyce Jones, widow1
Anne Williams, widow1
Anne Williams1
Richard Leighton1
James Braban1
John Parsons1
Richard Toms1
Maud Jones1
David Furnace1
Jeffrey Bristow1
Widow Hesler1
Widow Sayer1
Hester Bedomy1
James Rafe1
John Dickason2
Matthew Carpenter1
Giles Webb1
Eleanor Jeofryes1
Thomas Tiler1
Rebecca Braban1
Edward Thomas1
Elizabeth Peirce1