Westbury Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 21v
John Lowe, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 41r-v
Robert Cooke, constable
Only the beginning and the end of the 1671 assessment survive. This included 136 hearths and no exemptions, but included the note: 'There are about 17 poore people that receive alms therefore omitted'.
The exemption certificate differentiates the separate settlements within the parish, which the assessment does not.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/75
Date:1 July 1672
Signed By:Richard Bedford, vicar
John Loe & George Norton, churchwardens
Authorised by:Duncombe Colchester & William Morgan
The certificate separates the exempted names in the following order: Beachey (8), Sedbury (5), Bishton (10), Tidenham (9), Wibdon (9) and Stroat (15).
Mr Chalkmy3
Widow Carter2
John Smith1
Widow Wood3
John Flanor/Falner1
William Smart4
William Steevens2
Richard Watkins4
William Huggett junior2
William Huggett5
William Smart3
Edumnd Collins3
Widow Webley4
William [English]1
Walter Jones1
William/Widow Woodward1
William Underwood2
Thomas Page2
Widow Davis1
Thomas Warner3
John Weaver1
William Steevens3
Charles Spence1
Edward Madox3
Henry Howell1
John Spencer2
John Tayton3
John Roller/Roser4
Henry Floyd4
Widow Griffeth1
Widow Taylor2
Reece Price2
William Davis1
Widow Howell2
Widow Steevens4
James Davis3
Mr Bedford3
John Lowe2
Francis Seaburne3
Christopher Williams2
William Filpot/Philpot1
William Morgan1
Mr James6
Richard Jones1
Robert Cooke2
John Sanders1
Richard Williams1
Matthew Haynes1
Thomas Wilcox4
Widow Steevens2
Thomas Hitchins2
Thomas Churcham3
Richard Rasor1
Simon Churcham12
Widow Steevens2
Mr Smith9
William Clarke2
Henry Steevens3


Humphrey Robinson1
James/Jane Harris1
Widow Jeffreys1
Polider Roger1
Widow Cam / Widow James1
Thomas Jayne senior & junior2
John Cullmore1
Walter Harris1
Susan Edge1
Arthur Gouge1
Walter Watkins1
Christopher Timberman1
William Morse1
Owen Jones1
Morgan Jones1
Jane Rogers1
Margaret Wilson1
William Jones1
Catherine Morse1
Margaret Adlam1
Alice Watt1
Thomas Morse1
Widow Lawrence1
Richard Morse1
John James1
Widow Hawkins1
William Mathews1
Francis James1
Hugh Winde1
William Bourne1
William Hawkins1
Richard Davis1
John Jones1
Thomas Parker1
Widow Dun1
Thomas Garrett1
John Haydon1
Edward Phillpot senior & junior2
Henry James1
Nicholas Mines1
John Andrewes1
Avis Jones1
Walter Jones1
Widow Horne1
John Williams1
Widow Mast1
Joan Harris1
John Fletcher1
John Longdon1
Thomas Dun1
Edward Garland1
Ann Moore1
John Kenis1
William Rose1