King's Barton Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 16v
Thomas Band, tithingman
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 43r
George Worth, constable
Only the beginning and end with the list of exemptions survive from the 1671 assessment, which recorded 160 hearths and 12 exemptions.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/126
Date:27 April 1672
Signed By:Thomas Davies
William Godman & Thomas Gainer, churchwardens
Authorised by:John Meredith & Christopher Cole
Annotated by Christopher Cole that 'this was attested by Thomas Gayner Churchwarden'.
Two names (William Morris and another) were crossed off the list before it was signed by the justices, while John Stokes was amended to Joan and Francis Robins to James.
John Harvey5
Captain Deane of Bristol3
Mrs Merifeild5
Captain/David Edwards3
James Williams2
Mrs Roach/Rich4
Mr Green/Mr Ivie6
John Wickham4
Thomas Warne3
Lawrence Browne10
William Bayley4
Roger Adams5
Michael Waste5
Isaac Holloway1
George Garland6
Edward Band1
Jonathan Hew4
John Johnson4
Prudence Davis2
George Worth2
William Croome2
Arthur Vaughn4
John Parsons2
Roger Miham 1 & forge2
And for 1 forge 4 half years2
John Salter4
Nicholas Hamond3
Edward Band4
Peter Osberne1
Thomas Garland7
Mr Care3
Daniel Nicholls2
Thomas Stock5
Thomas Gardner2
John Bayley4
William Morrice1
Mary Parker4
Widow Snelgrove2
William Nibbs3
Joseph Albert2
Edward Johnson2
Mr Davis4
Mr Horner5
John Hogger4
Mr Goodman2
William Lugg3
Mr Worgan/Morgan4
John Watts5
Christopher Nurse1
Sorton Twell/Fortune Twitt 4
Widow Yeamans2


Walter Rudge1
John Johnson1
Walter Williams1
Mary Lewis1
Joan Stokes1
William Pope1
William Pope senior1
David Lowe1
Widow Robbins1
Widow Weltham1
Widow Browne1
John Washborow2
James Robbins1
Thomas Morgan1
Roger Guy1
Thomas Davis [Old Davis at the Down]1
David Morgan1
Giles Williams1
Thomas Reding1
Anne Austin1
Anne Morgan1