King's Barton Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 17r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 43v-44r
William Ball, constable
A substantial part of the 1671 assessment is missing. This assessment recorded only 26 exemptions and the number of hearths was similarly less.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/38
Date:10 July 1672
Signed By:John Poole
William Hicks & Robert Tipper, churchwardens
Nathaniel Heskins & Thomas Whitwood, overseers
Authorised by:Francis Fane & John Meredith
Four names were crossed out before the the certificate was signed by the justices.
John Meredeth esq.14
William Player esq.11
Samuel Horner, 2 houses7
Mr Guest, 3 houses12
Stephen House4
Widow Wooly1
Francis Coles1
John James2
John Tucker5
Charles Parke 1 & a forge2
And for a forge 2 half years1
Francis Staply5
Henry Howell3
Joseph Covell2
Richard Wichell2
Robert Heming4
George Mitson2
Christopher Fowle3
Thomas Fenn1
William Hicks3
Thomas Webster2
Thomas Whithead3
Alice Partry4
John Hall5
Widow Moggs2
Robert Hathway2
William Stringer3
Widow Banton4
Edward Long2
Thomas Good3
Anne Webb1
Widow Camling2
Giles Tippett1
Robert Tippett2
Mr Browne4
Isaac James5
Jonathan Tucker5
Robert Bartlife3
Anthony Sturge3
Sarah Bennett2
Nathaniel Champion3
Obadiah Tucker4
Widow Yong1
John Warner3
John Pullin2
John Deare1
Widow Tucker12
John Tayler1
Widow Hathway3
William Mitford2
John Wickwick1
John Smith2
William Pruitt2
John Baber3
John Bartlett3
William Laurence2
Nathaniel Heskin4
John Bond4
Widow House2
Thomas Laysey3
William Wooly3
Samuel Sumers3
Widow Jaynes3
William Atwood12
Henry Pontine1
Henry Brimbell2
Thomas Bennett2
William Ball2
John Webster1
John Bliffe5
John James1


Rachell Bullock1
Robert Cox1
James Wooly1
Richard Gwillams1
Thomas Gwillams1
Moses Foord1
Anne Warner1
John Nash1
Charity Tipper1
Nathaniel Tipper1
Andrew Nelmes1
Thomas Beames1
Richard Beames2
Thomas Goulding1
Walter Smith1
William Hathway1
Sarah Rich2
Thomas Lovewell2
John Jones1
John Cribb1
William Hales1
Sarah Williams1
Thomas Bayley1
Widow Hales1
Henry Sanden/Sanders1
John Wickwick senior1
Samuel Bennett1
Richard Pontine1
Widow Bennett2
Walter Jones1
Jane Whitwood1
Widow Webster1
Edward Lewce1
John Watkins1
John Gwillams1