Thornbury Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 15v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 44r-v
Robert Iles, constable
The 1671 assessment is badly damaged and compiled in a different order, so little comparison with the 1672 assessment is possible.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/132
Date:3 May 1672
Signed By:Robert Kerning, vicar
William Oldfield & Samuel Cipper, churchwardens
William Flower, Christopher Tyler, Thomas England & Richard Chambers, overseers
Authorised by:Gabriel Lowe & John Smyth
Certificate was also signed by Thomas Berrat, bailiff, John Atwood, William Wise, John Hooper & William Morris, constables. It was stated to contain 76 names, but actually had only 74. Edward Spicer, Elias Brokenbrew and the two inhabitants of the Glower almshouse being omitted on the return. The total on the return was incorrectly given as 72 hearths, corrected to 73.
The certificate divides the households in borough and Little Marshfield (the last 7 names), although they are combined on the return.
Widow Read1
Robert Whatley2
Christopher Tiler3
John Hort1
John Gore2
Theophilus Hose3
John England3
Walter Woodward3
William Oldfeild1
John Barrett5
William Webb4
Edward Horton3
Timothy Kinge2
Samuel Berrett1
Francis Milton2
John Edwards2
John Berrett1
Thomas Berrett2
Anthony Hopper2
John Hopper3
John Robins1
Richard Elsome3
Joseph Cowles 2 & a forge3
And for his forge arrears 2 half years1
Richard Woodward2
William Beale2
Jacob Saline4
Thomas England3
William Beale senior2
John Nutt6
Thomas Atwood2
Thomas Berrett1
Thomas Wickham1
Widow Paine2
Thomas Harbert4
Timothy Osberne1
Samuel Flower2
Timothy Kinge3
Edward Hubbert2
John Osberne1
Widow Tippett3
Widow Chambers2
Robert Iles2
George Russell 3 & oven4
William Church 2 & forge3
And for his forge 2 half years1
William Osberne3
Elizabeth Osberne6
Joseph Hosey2
Richard Fry2
John Osberne1
Gregory Gill1
Robert Davis2
Joseph Hosey1
-- Bartrum6
-- Eldrige3
William Powell2
John Selman 2 & forge3
And for his forge 2 half years1
Robert Hayes 1 & forge2
And for his forge 2 half years1
John Waite2
Briant Leister1
Elias Dalling3
Joan Hookes3
Lawrence Shadwell1
William Pegler1
Thomas England2
John Watts2
Richard Hill1
-- Read3
-- Hosey4
-- James2
-- Horton1
Thomas Smith4
Thomas Harbert3
Thomas Waterford3
Robert Webb3
Robert Bristoll3
John Gastrell14
Robert --2
John --2
-- Duck2
Richard --3
John Webb1
Thomas England1
-- Meredeth2
Edward England3
John Gibbs3
Mark Harbert4
James Bond1
William Waddon7
Matthew Mead2
Mr Keimas5
Edward England1
Gabriel Eldrige3
Edward Wadley2
Edward Harding1
Margaret Rogers1
Richard Webb2
Thomas Woodward2
Samuel Hoblin2
Alix Marten2
William England1
Andrew Waterford2
Mrs Viner5
George Sheile3
Andrew Marten1
Mr Elsome2
Doctor Jones5
William Brimly1
William Cotts1
Edward Dyer2
Timothy Nicholls1
Mr Tiler1
Edward Bristoll5
Mrs Fox3
Widow Moore4
Mary Nutt5
Samuel Tipperd6
John Holder 3
Gabriel Fry5
Joseph England3
William Flower2
James Hickes2
William Butler2
Anthony Palmore1
Robert Silverthorne3
John Tiler4
Thomas Salmon4
Robert Gane3
Robert Nicholls2
Thomas Tiler3
Susan England4
Felix Moone3
William Iles2
Thomas Woodward2
William Robbins1
William Hilson3
Richard Hort3
Thomas Husday1
Edward Lewis1
John Berparke4
Robert Tiley3
Mary Boxwell2
Charles White4
Richard Tiler4
John Nicholls1
John Molsey1
Christopher Webb4
John Wood2
John Tiler3
William England newly erected paid for one half year1


Joseph Barker1
Edward Wadham1
John Falconer2
Joseph Wittock1
Giles Berrett1
Henry Bayley1
John Bayley1
Widow Fry1
Widow Bryant1
Thomas Kinge2
John Morrice1
John Ricketts1
Widow Langrige1
Joseph Whittock1
William Kinge1
William Rogers1
George Wickham1
Christopher Worlock1
William Hulbert1
Walter Willis1
Nicholas Hollister1
Widow Biggs1
Widow White1
Charles Falconer1
Henry Waite1
William Morrice1
Thomas Waddam1
Timothy Osberne1
Robert Kinge1
Robert Nicholls1
Robert Cowles1
Leonard Duck1
Henry White1
Anne Tipps1
Joseph Davis1
Robert Chambers1
Widow Hosey1
Thomas Waterford1
Widow Francome1
Ncholas Wright1
Joan England1
Thomas Bond1
Nicholas Butt1
Benjamin Luce1
Wiliam Tipps1
Widow Wadham1
Peter Ashly1
Walter Jones2
James Bond1
Widow Evans1
John Hartford1
Anthony Woodward1
William Kinge1
William Brickenbrew1
Edward Smith1
Thomas Darke1
William Jurey1
Rowland Jurey1
Thomas Moody1
Nicholas Smith1
Robert Pegler1
John Cowles1
William Gyse1
Widow Tiler1
Mary Tiler1
John Chambers1
William Thomas1
Matthew Berrett1
Thomas Cooke1
Robert Butt1